In the nearby town of Middleburgh there’s a unique geological feature towering up from the Schoharie Creek Valley floor. It’s name is as unique as its origin: Vroman’s Nose.

The Vroman family settled the area in the early 18th century, and the land was ceded to them by the British government. From a distance, it’s easy to see how the geological feature got its name. Recently we took a hike with our friends Megan and Angela to the very top of Vroman’s nose. Next time you’re visiting Sharon Springs, we highly recommend this journey for yourselves.

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Sean M. from Dorloo!

While in college, I wrote a paper for my history class about Scho.Co. being the ” Breadbasket of the American Revolution”.
The professor could care less about the Battle at the Old Stone Fort; He wanted more about “Vroman’s Nose” ! Go Fig.

Mike Thomas-Faria

Just catching up with your photos as a new friend via the Race. We love upstate and miss it. We’ve driven by this place a number of times and I always wondered what it was like to hike up there. I think we have to visit next year! Thanks for sharing this.


That is so gorgeous, Josh! I wish I lived closer so I could see all of the amazing things that yu and Brent get to witness every day. So jealous.

Jeff Haas

This site inspired me to hike Vromans Nose today for the first time – A Vroman relative from long ago. Beautiful Autumn views of the Schoharie Valley and farms!

Brandon Ryan

Last weekend I saw Vroman’s Nose, I like to hike that in the Spring, the view looks amazing. The trees up there now are AMAZING, so colorful.

Sandy Saunders

What a wonderful trip. The Valley below was breath taking. Thank you for sharing this trip so that those of us on the West Coast could enjoy

Ryan Field

It’s interesting to see you post this. I’ve been watching how careful bloggers are now about using photos without permission from the owner. I’ve started to post my own photos, or those taken from web sites like Or, I e-mail and ask permission, and get it in writing. I never thought twice about photos before last year, but I’ve seen a few legal issues pop up recently and we all need to know about this just in case.


I’m out of breath just looking at the pictures and thinking about the hike. Thanks for sharing the stunning pictures.


A great post & photos. I love hiking Vroman’s Nose. I’m so glad you’re showing how beautiful Schoharie County is. Middleburgh is a charming town and so resilient how they emerged stronger than ever after the devastation from the flood.

Does it matter

The photo of the flood was taken by Amy Frogley, she’s never requested acknowledgment, but for someone else to claim ownership is wrong.

Ken Newman

Nice photos, this is another side excursion we’ll have to add to our Sharon Springs things to do list. The list is getting longer, sometimes I think it might be easier if we just moved up your way.

Abraham Leon Jr.

I really love stuff like this. Great Photos! Is this part of your company team building work shop? lol.
On a completely random note, have you heard of, and would you guys be willing to do something similar? Feel free to facebook me seperately, lol.


Looks fantastic. I’ll add that to the list of places to check out during Harvest Fest next year!