Little has changed in Sharon Springs in over 200 years, and when revelers flock to Main Street the first Saturday of every December dressed in their holiday best, it actually looks like a snapshot of a village frozen in time.

It’s now our fourth annual Victorian Christmas Celebration, and what separates  the celebration apart from other holiday activities is that we encourage EVERYONE who comes into town to dress the part!  It could be as simple as a top hat and long coat, or a bit of lace at the neck and a long skirt, or you could join those who spend all year dreaming up their Victorian finery.  You get to be a part of the picture!

This is the most intimate festival we have in Sharon Springs during the year, and you have the chance to chat with everyone in the village–and we’re all on our best behavior (during the day)!

For complete details of the day along with information about lodging and restaurants in the area, check out Enjoy Sharon Springs


Schedule of Events (partial)

7:00am-12:00pm- have a delicious start to the day with the french toast breakfast served at the firehouse!

9:30am- Designers Roger and Chris Stout-Hazzard from Love Decades give a talk on Victorian Home Design.  Learn about the history of Victorian home design and the creative way that they are re-interpreting these features in their own home and work (the talk and Q & A will be held at 204 Bistro, right beside the Love Decades studio)  FREE

11:00am-3:00pm- your carriage awaits!  Sleigh rides through the village ($1/person)

12:30-3:00pm-musical performances and Victorian dance lessons at Studio North on South Main Street

3:30pm-this is the moment everyone waits for all day!  It’s time to strut your stuff in our annual Victorian Costume Contest!  Meet on the deck-cum-catwalk of 204 Bistro


Josh + Brent will be in the Mercantile all day trying to determine whose top hat is taller

PLUS, special deals and activities at the shops in Sharon Springs all day (check ENJOY SHARON SPRINGS for details)






by Josh and Brent

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Sherry Sirianni

LOVED the bedside table video. However I always include a martini glass and a small bottle of vodka in case they awake in the night and accidentally take a sip of water!