• thefivemostbeautifulthings

    5 Beautiful Things


    This new feature is designed to inspire you to look at the world around you, to take note of the season at hand and to capture it – in memory or on film – for posterity. I will be choosing five photos each week for with this aim in mind. We’re calling the feature, […]

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  • IMG_2315

    Every Little Detail

    BY:204 Main

      Before 204 Main opened, I had a very successful business coordinating and executing high end wallcovering installations for some of the top designers in the U. S.  The designers would select the materials, be they silk fabric, Chinese scenic murals, hand-tooled leather panels, hand-blocked reproduction papers, on and on, tell me the areas to […]

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  • rolllwithit

    Chocolate Roulade

    BY:204 Main

    In the morning before the kitchen at 204 Main begins to heat up, I like to make the desserts for the day. I’ve been making chocolate roulade for the last twenty years and, still, Jim and I look forward to a left-over end. It’ s a favorite of mine because of the short list of […]

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  • epic kale

    Simple Kale Salad

    BY:Josh and Brent

        It’s no surprise that kale is one of our favorites.  A green hearty enough to last a mild winter is welcome roughage in a season dominated by starches and proteins. On a recent visit to the farm, a friend whipped us this easy salad, and we fell in love (with both the salad […]

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  • pearwhiskey+cocktail+remedy

    The Perfect Clarity

    BY:Eben Klemm

      I’m not a huge fan of most flavored vodkas, but I will admit a soft spot for pear vodka, which manages to capture a ripe crispness that actual pears so often do not.  This saketini variant is great for the winter because it preserves the simplicity of the drink’s idea  with just a little […]

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  • toastedhazelnutsonpan

    Hazelnut Meringue Roulade with Honey Sour Cream & Raspberry Coulis

    BY:Josh and Brent

      Meringues, like their distant cousin the marshmallow, are something you either love or you happily pass by on your way to more substantial desserts. There are various forms of meringues, but the most popular is probably the french meringue, which is simply vigorously whipped egg whites and sugar that is slowly baked in low […]

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  • IMG_2157

    A Main Attraction

    BY:Josh and Brent

    When a new business opens up on Main Street, it’s a cause for celebration.  Last fall Main Street made room for the Spring House Spa, and now we are welcoming 204 Main Street, a new bistro and wine bar devoted to seasonal, locally sourced foods (the fact that it is right next door to the […]

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  • IMG_2162

    Hushed Tones

    BY:204 Main

    FUNCTIONAL ART Hereʼs the dilemma. The dining room of 204 Main Street restaurant is about 60ʼ long, by 24ʼ wide. The ceiling is 11ʼ high with the beautiful pressed tin ceiling completely intact. Floors are hardwood, walls are beadboard or sheetrock. Chairs are bentwoods, tables wood slab. In other words, LOTS of hard surfaces. Lots […]

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  • chickenstock1

    Taking Stock

    BY:204 Main

    At 204 Main Bar & Bistro we aim to keep the food fresh, simple and honest. Simple, though, doesn’t always mean quick. That’s why I begin each day at the restaurant, as I’m beginning this blog, by making chicken stock. Calling it a recipe is a bit of a stretch. I cover chicken parts with […]

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  • il_fullxfull.291780434

    Twigs & Berries

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Creating an opulent Christmas tree can be a pricey endeavor.   We’ve collected ornaments for years, buying them during after-the-holiday sales.  Even so, we shudder to think at how many dollars those fragile, glittery baubles have tempted out of our wallets. This year, we decided to decorate a tree using nothing but lights.  And we were […]

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