• bay laurel leaf

    A Bay Leaf Primer

    BY:Amy Smith Wexler

    The latin word Laurus means praise. Hence the term “to rest on one’s laurels” refers to reflecting on your past achievements. The greek word for the laurel tree is Daphene, named for the daughter of river god Peneus, who turned his daughter into a Bay Laurel tree to solve a very convoluted lovers spat between Cupid, Apollo and Daphene.

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  • A Rosemary Primer

    BY:Amy Smith Wexler

    Rosmarinus officinalis. Roughly translation: “dew of the sea.” It has earned this reputation by needing no water other than the humidity of the sea to thrive along coastal regions.

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  • In Praise of Basil

    BY:Noelle Weaver

    This week’s guest blogger Noelle Weaver was born and raised in Goshen, Indiana amidst corn and cow fields. Noelle now lives amidst the exploding artisanal food scene in the urban area of Brooklyn, New York. A marketing consultant by day, during nights and weekends she pursues the life of an incidental foodie and cook exploring […]

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