• Meet the New Neighbors


    BY:Josh and Brent

    Meet the neighbors

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    Beekman Barnyard

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Photographer David A. Land traveled to Beekman Farm to photograph us at work in the kitchen for Food Network Magazine (click here to see that work) During his down time, he took a walk around the barnyard.  Now he’s shared those photos so that you can take a walk around the barnyard, too!   Visit […]

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    Ballad of Licorice Icarus

    BY:Josh and Brent

    The Ballad of Icarus Licorice   There was a small piglet named Icarus With surname and color both licorice; He flew from his mother To live with his brother On Beekman Farm, Icarus Licorice. Did he start out like his mother (Who’s redheaded, just like his brother?) Or did he, in transit, Determine to chance […]

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    Hog Heaven

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We try to find a good use for every single inch of the farm (we’ll never make our goal of becoming biodynamic if we don’t) For many years prior to the renovation of the Beekman Mansion, the land and barn was used to raise cattle, and on the eastern side of the barn stood a […]

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