• Living With Chickens

    BY:Deborah Niemann

    You’ve overcome all of the myths about chickens and decided to take the plunge and start your own backyard brood. Once the chicks are a month old or so, they are ready to move to their permanent home. So, what are you going to do for a chicken house? There have been entire books written […]

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  • A Backyard Brood

    BY:Deborah Niemann

    If you’re like me when I was chicken-less, you might be wonderingwhere one buys chickens. It may seem odd to look online, but there are several hatcheries throughout the United States, and most have websites where you can read descriptions and see pictures of the various breeds. Everyone has their favorites, and I’m especially fond […]

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  • Ready for backyard chickens?

    BY:Deborah Niemann

    As people hear more reports of contaminated food and worry about the ethics of factory farming, they want to take control of their food in whatever way they can. For many this means starting a garden, and for more and more, this means having a small flock of hens in the backyard. However, myths abound! […]

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  • Eggistential Crisis

    BY:Josh and Brent

    It seems that large numbers of people decided this year that raising chickens in their backyards was a way to lessen the blow of an economic recession (highly debatable).  The result of this unexpected demand was that our new flock of fowl was delayed by nearly two months. We had ordered chicks, and it’s hard […]

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