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  • Christmas Pudding

    BY:Roger Swayze

    The Christmas Pudding that Fizzled   I have always enjoyed the stories written by Charles Dickens.  Over the years he has inspired me to love anything that is “Olde English” especially things that pertain to the holidays.  A few years ago I spotted a tinned pudding mold while I was pre-holiday shopping at a Williams-Sonoma […]

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  • Eat This, Not that?

    BY:Justin Mendoza

    When I think of the Victorian era, two images immediately come to mind.  Both are derived from literature and film, the first being the lavish high society depicted in Edith Wharton’s novels like ‘The Age of Innocence’.  The other is from Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’, the orphan who pleads “can I have some more, please?”  This […]

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  • Self-diagnosed

    BY:Josh and Brent

    How to tell if you’re infected. Certain people, myself included, are afflicted by a condition that’s difficult to describe. It’s not recognized by physicians or psychoanalysts (yet), but it’s really only a matter of time before it’s a household diagnosis. It’s a sharp, targeted depression, a sudden overcast feeling that hits you while you’re at […]

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  • Summer Sundays at the Beach

    BY:Mary Kay Andrews

      Our Guest Blogger this month is longtime Beekman friend and New York Times Bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews. She’s written oodles of bestsellers, and is one of our favorite “Beach Read” writers (Even though our beach is a pond.) We thought some of you might find it interesting to compare our Summer Farm living […]

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  • Peas from a Presidential Tradition!

    BY:Sue Epping

    Most people associate George Washington with a Cherry Tree.  My association of Good Old George is through peas.  Why is that?  I’m not sure how our family tradition began.  I think it might have been the joy my father felt at seeing dirt and not snow in February.  Yes, as a displaced North Dakotan, he […]

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  • Lazy Wife Beans

    BY:Deborah Niemann

    When faced with the huge variety of seeds available, it can be a challenge to choose only one of each vegetable for your garden. After all, you only need one, right? Well, not so fast! There are actually a few good reasons to plant a variety of varieties in your garden, especially when you are […]

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  • Resolution Solutions

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We decided to turn over this guest blog to not just one writer, but to everyone. We asked you how you felt about New Years Resolutions, and you surprised us with some very insightful words. In fact, we were so impressed that we resolve to have you all as guest bloggers more often. And we’ll […]

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  • The Boys of Summer

    BY:Noelle Weaver

    There is something about late summer that I really love. The nights begin to cool down. The locusts call to one another in the overgrown grasses. Airplanes fly overhead and the sound is somehow deeper and more distant. By now gardens are in the throws of giving us sweet corn, green beans, carrots, new potatoes […]

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  • Rumtopf – A Spring to Yuletime Tradition.

    BY:Roger Swayze

    This week’s guest blog fills us in on the wonderful seasonal tradition of “Rumtopf.” Literally meaning “Rum Pot” this delicious mixture collects seasonal fruit all summer long, and preserves them in rum and sugar until the holidays. It is, perhaps, the definitive seasonal dessert. Submitted by guest blogger, Roger Swayze: I think a lot about […]

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  • A Father’s Lessons to his Daughter

    BY:Noelle Weaver

    Noelle Weaver was born and raised in Goshen, Indiana amidst corn and cow fields. She now lives amidst the exploding artisanal food scene in the urban area of Brooklyn, New York. A marketing consultant by day, during nights and weekends she pursues the life of an incidental foodie and cook exploring all the various flavors […]

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