Who is your creative crush?

If you are someone who creates something with your hands or possesses an incredible talent, I will fall hard for you.

It’s one of the reasons we work with so many artisans at Beekman 1802.

It was no different when we started working on our latest book, A Seat at the Table.

I started following Christian Watson on Instagram (@1924us) based on a random referral.

This is the first post that popped into my feed.



And from that moment on, I was smitten. (I never told him that I keep this screenshot on the desktop of my computer.)

His words and the images that he uses to accompany them did what any really good art should do—it awakened my own creative spirit.

I followed the link from his profile to his website, 1924.us, and sent a message to see if he had any interest at all in doing the food photography for the cookbook we were planning.

He was only 23 years old at the time. He had no idea what a “Beekman Boy” was. He had never seen “The Amazing Race”. We were complete strangers to him.

His reply was short and honest.

“I would love to do this. I have never shot food or a cookbook before though.”

I told him that I didn’t think it mattered. I had seen his work and believed that he could do it.

We set a date to begin shooting several months later, and over the course of time, I saw him taking more and more shots of food on his Instagram.

He was actively trying to learn.

On the date he arrived, I picked him up at the airport in our old farm truck. He walked through the sliding glass doors of the terminal just like he was stepping from another dimension: gawky and lean, effortlessly stylish in that way a Depression-era waif might be, and he carried with him two enormous worn-leather suit cases.

I never told him this, but I was tongue-tied the whole way home.

Over the course of 2.5 weeks, we worked from sun up to sun down, shooting all 120 recipes in natural light.

One evening we were planning to shoot a recipe that could be cooked by a campfire, and I told him that I wanted to capture the stars shining over Beekman 1802 Farm.

Of course,” he said.

A few minutes later, I got a text on my phone: “I am trying to shoot an image of the heavens. How do I do that?

It was sent to me by mistake. He had intended to send the message to a friend with more knowledge of low-light photography.

I never told him this, but it made my heart flutter. It reminded me of my own youth when I was too embarrassed to admit what I did not know but also determined enough to remedy it.



Christian left when the assignment was over.

A year later, he published his first book of photography, and in his eloquent introduction he wrote about sitting on a park bench in little Sharon Springs, NY, and simultaneously stumbling on the fact that there are little things in the world that unify us all.

“Every small town smells like hickory,” he wrote. And this became the title of his book.



I have only seen Christian once in the last two years, when he and his lovely fiancé Elle-May Leckenby happened to pass through NYC on an evening that I happened to be in town.

In that time, I have been awed by him and frustrated by him. He has missed deadlines and sometimes shown disregard for how his actions and decisions impact others.

But I still love him.

Much like a father loves a son.

And I watch in wonder as this young person grows up right before all the eyes that are watching him on Instagram.

As we were preparing for the release of A Seat at the Table, I scrolled through some of the photos on my iPhone from around the time of the cookbook.

I had 30 furtive photos of Christian (!!!), often captured unknown to him—like watching a bird go about daily life from the other side of a pane of glass.

It is a reminder to me that it is OK for someone to inspire you, and it is OK to love them with all your heart for it.





When you get your copy of A Seat at the Table, (click here), please take a minute to let Christian know what a wonderful job he did capturing the very essence of this book and our community. He was 23 then.





by Dr. Brent

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Judy O'Toole

Great reading the whole post. I read somewhere that talent and/or hard work do not guarantee success, luck is needed, be it the right person, the right place or the right time. How fortunate that you found Christian and perhaps vice versa. Many wonderful things have come into your lives since meeting for that Chinese dinner. Continued good fortune as the good that comes to you seems to make many other lives better too.

Ronald. Kipp... aka (Kipp)

After 20 years my boyfriend and I broke up. Foresaken and lonely, I traveled a path of self destruction for many years, when unexpectedly, a “boy crush” of my own entered my life. It was he who rekindled a passion for something in me long since lost… Writing.

Prior to his appearance, I had spent the prior two decades from whence I first found my voice ’til then, in the sterile, clinical world of medicine. As a trauma nurse, I shuttered my own emotions, a protective measure to gird against insanity. Feelings long abandoned…
Devoid of that which makes us sentient beings, I was left feeling nothing at all.

When along came my muse…He was destined to be an unrequited crush, exiting as quickly as he entered. A whirl wind of love and hate. The writing of poetry and prose in common, sadly little else.

Fortuna however favoured me. She favoured me by restoring my creative voice once more.

Patti @ Pandora's Box

I think it is so important to share these feelings with others: admiration, appreciation, wonderment and marvel. To witness another’s talent and capability, and help them succeed, is a gift in itself – I look forward to seeing his photographs!


Brent I have tears reading this about Christian. I saw him on your site. I do not do tweets or insta. It made me find him. I have exposed his site to countless students, also old souls.. the 1st insta.I viewed was Christian coming naked out of freezing ocean. I am older than all of you, I love following his daily introspection. Something significant happened when he finally showed his face full on. Now I get when you replied to him about…finally learned. how to catch the stars.

Hope Adams

Brent, what a beautiful and honest post. Crushes are a wonderful thing and admiration of another that inspires you is a treasure. I didn’t know Christian’s work before, but based on this post I’ll for sure be looking him. I love everything about this post, but most of all I love that you trust those of us who follow you Beekman Boys to share these thoughts with us.

Hap Hanson

Brent, that was lovely. Your experience with Christian might give you some insight into how someone YOUR father’s age, someone like I, might feel when marveling at your and Josh’s accomplishments and successes. Work done with honesty and humor is more than just admirable. It’s proud- making.
Hap Hanson
Newburgh, IN


That is so sweet. As a mother, sister and someone who is often breathless with admiration and appreciation of others, I get this and so love it. <3 (I also loved the pics. Yay to seeing Rose Marie and Onder)