Beekman 1802 Holiday Gifts by Zodiac Sign

By Lisa Stardust 

Finding the perfect gift for your bestie, family member, crush, or SO is hard and daunting every year. Luckily, we compiled a list of the ideal gifts from the Beekman 1802 Collection that each zodiac sign will flip over. We did all the hard work, now all you have to do is shop the zodiac signs to warm up their stockings and hearts this holiday season. 


Milk Drops & Massager Gift Set

Capricorns often need a release for all of their internal stresses — after all, they are the busiest worker bees of the zodiac. A face massager and Beekman 1802’s Milk Drops Probiotic Ceramide Serum will alleviate tensions and bring ultimate relaxation to the sea-goat (which is totally needed during the holidays). 


Milk Mud & Milk Foam Mask Gift Set

The water-bearer is always looking for new ways to revive and detox their skin. Now, they have a complete set of two unique and awesome products that can help them boost their vibe and cleanse their beautiful faces. They’ll become instantly obsessed with both the clay mask and bubbling face mask. 


10 Piece Goat Milk Soap Set

Being the mystical sea-dwellers that they are, Pisces will absolutely love receiving a full set of soaps. Now, they can have options to use when engaging in their favorite detoxing and relaxing activity — taking baths. They will totally use this amazing present nearly every day throughout the year when bathing. 


Winter Blooms Tinted Lip Balm Set

This scented gift set will warm up the heart of fiery Aries on the coldest of nights this winter. It will also evoke their innate sugary and spicy vibe this season, making them giddy from the holiday spirit and seasonal flavors. Therefore, it will become their new cosmetic staple.  


Milk & Honey Travel Bar Soap Set

Honey is the flavor of Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, which is why the Bull will be drawn towards this sweet blend of soaps. Also, they’ll love the Milk that’s mixed in with the candied aroma. Taurus will feel like they’re on cloud nine whenever they use this soap.  


Hand Cream Sampler

As one of the more social signs of the zodiac, Geminis are always texting. The perfect gift for Gemini is not a new phone — it’s hand cream to ensure their fingers don’t get rough and tough from the winter air, so they can continue their social vibe without a hitch. 


Milk Probiotic Skincare Starter Set

Cancers don’t like leaving anything up to chance, which is why our Milk Probiotic Skincare Starter Set is a perfect gift. It's a full routine that made to work together, no guessing or worrying required.


Honeyed Grapefruit Bodycare Set

Grapefruit is the essence of Leo, which is why they will be naturally drawn to this citrus scent. Not only is the scent perfect, but it has everything (from lush soaps to rich lotions) that any regal lion needs this holiday and to start off 2021 on the right paw. 


Clear Skies Cleansing Kit

Virgos like to keep their beauty routines simple. This amazing skincare kit will not only cleanse their skin, but it will give them the basics needed to implement the proper upkeep to their natural and organic skincare game. They will absolutely appreciate the thoughtfulness of this lovely present. 


Skincare Stars Gift Set

As the romantics of the zodiac, Libras need skincare products to flaunt their glow off to others. This stellar gift set is not only delicious to smell but also is amazing. It will make anyone’s skin look refreshed and revived — as well as feel silky smooth all year round.  


Honey & Orange Blossom Bodycare Set

This is the perfect gift set for evocative Scorpio. It contains sweet vanilla notes along with spicy orange zest — which will uplift Scorpio’s senses and make them jump for joy every time they use these products and smell them. In fact, they’ll use this as their new signature scent.  


Home on the Road Travel Bar Soap Set

As the free spirit of the zodiac, Sagittarius is known to feel at ease when living out of their suitcase. They will absolutely love this travel size soap set. This gift set will be the perfect item for them to take on their next big adventure or local road trip.