9 Women Share Their Secrets to Self-Love

Acts of service, physical touch, quality time...with so many different love languages to express our appreciation for the ones we care about, we often forget to show moments of kindness to ourselves. But hey — we get it — sometimes loving yourself is the hardest challenge. Self-love can easily be under-prioritized, nonetheless, it is an integral step in cultivating your beautiful life.

If you’re finding self-love to be a forgotten part of your routine, then keep reading to hear the simple ways nine women we admire practice self-love. So, take a deep breath, appreciate the simple things that spark your joy, and hopefully one of these women’s tips will inspire you to take time to show yourself the same kindness you show to others.

Simone Piliero of @simplybysimone:

“My recipe for self-care is positive self-talk! I have three reminders set a day on my phone to remind myself what my highest and best self looks like. For me, that is kind, grateful and energized! My phone is set to remind me of how I strive to be in the morning, afternoon and at night.

Second, is getting enough sleep, I'm most patient and kind to myself when I prioritize what my body physically needs to function properly. A solid 7-8 hours of sleep or I'm not myself.

I define self-love as being my own best friend. I'm no use to anyone if I don't like being alone with myself, so the more I like myself the more helpful I can be to others.” 

Amanda of @mama.irvine:

“Self-love, self-care, and I have a relationship that has changed a lot over the years, especially when I had my second child and struggled with PPD. Doing little things for ME without guilt became harder, and more needed. I struggled with my identity and felt I had lost what made me happy or passionate and excited apart from my kids. 

Little things like my skincare routine became more sacred and it's become a special time of the day/night — something just for me. Sometimes self-love and self-care can also be different — serving someone else, blessing someone, or stepping out of your comfort zone to do what is right, even if it's hard. Self-care for the soul. 

My personal recipe for self-love involves a lot of nighttime baths, my skin routine, looking at food as nourishment instead of punishment or reward, kid-free date nights, and daily quiet time with my Bible.”

Andi of @dosesofcalm:

“I define self-love as an awareness of my physical and emotional needs and then choosing my actions based on these needs. Self-love is this awareness combined with a frame of mind that allows myself to forgive, care for, and appreciate the body, mind, and soul that the universe provided me with.

My recipe for self-love is to surround myself with people that raise me up, exercise so that I can appreciate all that my body allows me to do, set aside time to be creative, and celebrate my little wins (from baking the tastiest banana bread to finishing a long book).” 

Laura of @laura_elizabeth:

“I've prioritized taking myself on 'dates' for over 10 years now. Who says you have to wait on somebody else to treat yourself? I'll try to block off an entire day, half-day or even a few hours if time is hard to find. I enjoy going to brunch alone where I'll order the most delicious cocktail while sitting and reading a novel.

Then I like to mix it up by either going on long walks, scheduling a massage, or buying myself flowers or a new skincare treat. Just making time for something you really enjoy but rarely get to.   

The day always ends with a hot bubble bath and then snuggling into bed with a book or a movie on my laptop. If I'm being honest, I'm probably watching Love Island. I've been doing this for most of my adult life and it's healing and empowering to show love to yourself. It's also nice for my partner because all of the pressure isn't falling on him to take care of these needs I have.” 

Briana of @theyellownote:

“A very simple recipe for self-care (and subsequently, self-love) that my dad taught me when I was young is to take a step back. 

Whether it’s taking a (literal) step back from my screen during the day to read, take the dogs for a walk, or get a massage. Or maybe its more of taking a step back from a problem when you’re struggling to see the bigger picture (will this really matter in one week, one month, one year?). It’s easy to see imperfections when you’re focused on the minute details, but when you take a step back, you’ll always have a better view.” 

Ashley of @ashleybrooke:

“My recipe for self-love/self-care is a few minutes of quiet with a journal and a hot cup of coffee. Sometimes my brain feels a bit too full and just 30 minutes being able to write everything down makes me feel so much lighter! Also, I'm never one to turn down a bubble bath!”

Alysa of @alysamaebeck:

“Self-love is showing up for yourself first. Letting yourself have a hard day where you indulge in chocolate, face masks, and Netflix. It’s being your own biggest fan in the highs of life and creating the life you want!”

Colleen of @the_frenchiefarm:

“As a homesteading mama to two little ones, self-love is so important for my overall health. For me, self-love means making it a priority to spend a few extra moments alone. Whether it’s doing morning farm chores, using my favorite Beekman 1802 skincare products, or sipping a glass of wine at the end of the night — those brief moments of alone time are the best self-care around.”

Kellye of @kellyeandrus:

“My recipe for self-love/self-care is to take time to do the things you love. No matter how busy your schedule gets. Even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes per day. Maybe hike, practice meditation or even take a luxurious bubble bath. It will make a difference in your mental health and overall well-being.”