Blooming Neighbor by Neighbor Program Details

We're so excited that you've joined our "Blooming Neighbor By Neighbor" program! 

Here are some important dates for you to know:

November 9: This is the due date to sign up for the program. To sign up, click here. Bloom Kits (filled with 6 sets of samples packettes, 6 hair clips, 6 Beekman 1802 Ulta Beauty books and "Free Mini with $30 Beekman 1802 Ulta purchase" offer card) will begin shipping out soon afterwards.

November 11: You'll receive a link in your email for our special video with Dr. Brent and Chief Milk Maiden Allison.

November 6 - 30: Visit Ulta Beauty with your friends and loved ones during this time. If your shopping buddies purchase over $30 of Beekman products during a single Ulta Beauty shopping trip, they'll need to submit their proof of purchase by November 30 to receive a mini (and you'll get referral bonus!). Proof of purchase can be submitted here.

December 15: If your shopping buddies submitted through the form, you'll receive a Beekman 1802 E-Gift Card by this date. Read below to learn more about our referral bonus.


How the referral bonus works:

As an extra incentive, when your shopping buddy submits their receipt for their free mini, we'll add up how much they spent and you'll receive an E-Gift Card based on how much they've spent. If the sum of receipts submitted on Beekman 1802 products total $100 or more, you'll receive a $10 E-Gift Card for Beekman 1802. If the sum is $300 or more, you'll receive a $50 E-Gift Card for Beekman 1802. If the sum is $500 or more, you'll receive a $100 E-Gift Card for Beekman 1802.* 


    *Your referral bonus will be calculated based on the tiers of your referrals and will be distributed via email by e-gift card by 12/15/2020. A total of $100 in referrals will earn you $10, $300 will earn you $50 and $500 will earn you $100. Referral bonus will be paid in Beekman 1802 e-gift card and have no cash value. The referral total is based on the subtotal of Beekman 1802 items purchased in-store at Ulta Beauty or online at Subtotal amount excludes any discounts. taxes, or shipping charges. Referral bonus total will not exceed more than $100 (USD) in Beekman e-gift cards. Limited to purchases of Beekman 1802 products in Ulta Beauty stores or online at made from 11/6/2020 to 11/30/2020. The Blooming Neighbor by Neighbor program is invitation only. Referral program is not affiliated with Ulta Beauty. Terms and conditions apply.