The Gift of the First Year

Stack of paper with frayed edges.


The gift of the first year

Is paper




The stuff that

Lines birdcages

Wraps fish

Spews from the printer in a never-ending stream of work

Blows down the canyons of New York City on a cold winter day

Overflows the can at the corner of West Fourth and Jones Street




Gets ink our your fingers on a beautiful Sunday morning

Is a template for the knowledge of the ages

Is a canvas for the likes of Rembrandt and Degas

Streams down at the stroke of midnight in Time Square in celebration

Enshrouds even the smallest gift with anticipation

And records the precious thoughts of one lover to the other?







Each year I write a poem to commemorate our wedding anniversary using the traditional anniversary gift as the inspiration. Click the links below to read the series so far.

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