Light As Air & Blaak Night: A Dynamic Skin Care Duo

Dr. Brent knows a thing or two when it comes to aging. When he was still a practicing physician, Brent specialized in geriatric medicine. He knew that when it came to aging, it wasn’t about stopping it or preventing it. It was about embracing what was coming and working to age in a healthy way.

After we formulated our first skincare line that could work for every body and skin type, Triple Milk, Brent went to work on a line that could help our Neighbors who were facing more specific skincare issues, including aging skin. Our daytime and nighttime skincare lines, Light as Air and Blaak Night were born.

Brent was so focused on perfecting his formulations that he became our guinea pig, slathering on different formulas and lotions until he found the right combination with the right ingredients, and nothing extra. We ran clinical tests (where independent labs test our products) and perception tests (that focus on how the product looks and feels) because we wanted to make sure that our products were making people feel good while still delivering the goods to keep aging skin feeling healthy and fresh.

Another important feature of our Light as Air and Blaak Night lines is that you can use them separately, together or as boosters to your existing skincare routine. Skincare products can be some of the most expensive items in your bathroom, and we wanted to make sure you got your money’s worth from us.

Our daytime line, Light as Air, is all about protecting your skin from the free radicals and environmental stressors that can prematurely age your skin. Blasting the heat during the winter or sitting in an office with constant air conditioning can overwork your sebaceous glands, the tiny glands in your skin that help keep your hair and skin moisturized. This can lead to oily skin and breakouts (p.s. whoever said that acne ends when you enter adulthood was a liar.)

Using naturally harvested, plant-based squalane in our goat milk base, our Light as Air face cream locks in moisture. Sea Salt balances your oil production and is rich in minerals that soak into the skin to fight acne. Finally, Vitamins E and B5 are the antioxidants that help your skin recover from acne breakouts and harsh environments while protecting your skin from more damage. All while staying lightweight enough that it was easily be layered under makeup.

While Light as Air is helping your skin protect itself during the day, our Blaak Night nighttime skincare is working to repair skin overnight. At night, you don’t need extra bells and whistles, you just need a skincare system that can penetrate your skin and repair from the inside out.

Our Blaak Night serum can be used on its own or you can add a pump to your existing moisturizer to give it a boost. It contains colostrum, the first group of proteins that are found in mother’s milk. It’s packed with growth factors and immune boosters that are amazing for your skin.

We follow that up with our Beekman peptide complex, a chain of amino acids that relax the muscles and boost collagen production. Think of it like this, everything in your body is controlled by proteins and amino acids, like how computer code controls everything in a computer. Our peptide complex is like a string of code that tells your skin cells to hold onto moisture and produce more collagen, so while you’re sleeping, your body is working to plump your skin and diminish fine lines.

For both Light as Air and Blaak Night, goat milk plays an important part. A lot of anti-aging skincare lines use a mineral oil base, which sits on top of the skin and is not easily absorbed. We use goat milk for our base to deliver the product deep into the skin’s layers. Since goat milk is a similar pH to human skin, your body absorbs the peptides, ceramides, colostrum, and antioxidants in all of our skincare faster and deeper than other products.

So remember, Light as Air is our lightweight daytime formula that heals and protects. Blaak Night is our overnight workhorse, delivering skincare on the deepest level. Both skincare lines work to make sure that your skin ages in a healthy and sustainable way.

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