DIY Floral Wall Frame

With all of the different blossoms that Brent takes care of in our Heirloom Flower Garden, we’ve got a constant stream of new blossoms to fill the house and Mercantile. And since we believe that fresh flowers are nature’s version of modern art, why not treat them like it by placing them in their own unique frame? This easy DIY project is a fresh take on hanging art on the walls.

Tools lined up on a flat surface.


  • Wood Stain
  • Wood Frame
  • Stain Brush
  • Floral water tubes
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver


Prepare the unfinished wood frames for staining by placing them on a drop cloth. Make sure to be in a well-ventilated area, as the stain carries a strong scent and can be irritating.

Hand painting wood with a paintbrush.

Stain the wood using any finish. For this project, we used Weathered Oak. Dip your brush about 2 inches into the stain can, brushing the excess off when pulling the brush out of the can. The typical rule of thumb is to brush in the direction of the wood grain. Use light brush strokes, spreading out the stain until there is an even “dry” looking surface. While applying the stain, make sure the strain is being absorbed and there are no bubbles or puddles. Repeat until the wood is covered entirely. Stain the sides and bottom as well.

Set your drying pieces on a surface or drop cloth that won’t transfer the stain onto anything important and yet does not affect the drying process for the edges. Check your container of stain for the recommended drying time. Our can said a minimum of 8 hours. Doing this at night is best to let it dry overnight.

Hand screwing nail into glass fixture.

Make the hole for the metal bracket to post onto the frame in the desired area of the frame. We placed our hole 4 inches from the bottom of the frame.

Wedge the floral tube into the bracket so it is snug and fitted. Make sure the tube is not slipping at all. Take the bracket with the tube placed into it and screw it onto the frame.

Hang the frame on the wall by hammering a nail into the wall and placing the frame onto the nail.

Floral wall frames hanging on a wall.

Fill the tube halfway up with water and add fresh flowers. Tip: If the stems are too long the flower may start to droop, make sure to trim them appropriately.