I would like to blame it on the blinding whiteness of winter.  A time when the rolling landscape of Sharon Springs is covered for months by snow.

But as much as we like to think we make the time to lay witness to all the wonders that Beekman Farm reveals to us, we evidently don’t.

One day this winter a neighbor from a nearby village stopped by.  In cleaning the house of a departed relative they had come across the Last Will & Testament of William Beekman—the namesake of Beekman 1802.

Accompanying the document was a survey of all of his property (this entire area of Schoharie County was once called Beekman’s Corners).  According to the map, just down the road a bit was another grand house painted yellow–the home of Cornelius Beekman, one of William’s sons. Per the legend, the house was close enough that Cornelius probably walked the short distance to his parent’s home to have Sunday dinner.

Now there’s just a hay field there.

After the Spring snow melt, we slowed the car down as we drove past.

Right at the edge of the road, in plain sight (should we ever have taken a moment to notice) is the remnant of a stone wall in the exact same configuration as the stone wall in front of the Beekman Farm.

Like father like son.

We’ve driven past this spot literally thousands of times so preoccupied about the final destination (usually the Mercantile down in the village proper) that we didn’t see what was right there.

It gave us a valuable lesson for the morning:

Just because you take the same path every day doesn’t mean  you have to take the same journey.





Wherever you are headed today, try to identify one thing that you’ve never seen before and then report back what you discovered in the comments section below.

by Dr. Brent

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Centralia Heart

One afternoon I was walking in the woods at the edge of Centralia Farm and I saw a stone, it was white and smooth. It was standing in the ground and it looked like a very very old tombstone, perhaps the size of a child’s tombstone. There is the burned out shell of a stone settlers cabin just off in the woods off our land. I showed the stone to Steve, he thinks it is just an oddity of nature. Carly, my sister, and Bonnie my BFF both think it could be a tombstone. Since the only way to find out for sure would be to do some digging. We are leaving it untouched, as is. But it was an interesting find. Centralia

Carolyn Lazauskas

Hello Gentlemen! I live in Queens NY and I was Upstate this weekend House Hunting. So.. I was in Sharon Springs and kept begging my husband to go to the Soap Shop I saw in passing. (mind you.. at this point, I am sorry to say I did not know about you guys!) All weekend all I talked about was wanting to go to This Soap Shop!!
Well… I was having dinner at Salzmans because I was staying at the B&B “Heritage Meadows Farm” AND…. I found out about you guys!!
I am totally obsessed and in total adoration with your home, creativity and all you do!!
Thank God for Netflix! I spent the entire day watching season 1!
Funny thing… I am going to be home and my Hubby is going to be commuting to the City!

Wish me luck House Hunting and cannot wait to come and See the mercantile!

You guys rock!!

Dennis Briley

Greeting guys. Really enjoyed the story of the Beekman son,s home and you discovering it. My partner and I just recently purchased a Victorian home in a tiny little town tucked away in Texas. We find ourselves in many of the same situations and have experienced much of what you guys have. We have been together for 16 years and have fulfilled our dream of owning a little place in the country. This is our retirement home and could not be happier. We enjoy you both and look forward to some day taking a trip out to the springs to see if it is as wonderful as you say.

Suzanne Koba

I have seen that stone wall. Bob always comments that I spend most of my time when we travel looking at everything along the way. Here at home where we’ve lived our entire lives it’s hard to find new things that are from the past. My family was one of the first settlers in this area. We see a lot of new and every day are reminded of our past.

Dorothy Hayes

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own head that we fail to see our lovely surroundings. From now on I will keep my eyes wide open.


Thanks Dr. I did just that this morning on my way to the office. Enjoyed the ride all the more.


So exciting, I’m sure there are more treasures to uncover. Do you have a metal detector yet, should be so much fun uncovering some small treasure that you may have walked on a thousand times and never knowing it was there.


Thank you for this. The right message at the right time. And the document? What a treasure! Was she bringing it to gift to you, or just to show? If it’s now in your hands and you think it’s not too invasive to Mr. Beekman, would love to see/hear some more about its’ contents and what they tell us about his life & times.

Preservation is key for preserving history

Such a shame that the other home is not standing. What an asset that would have been to the community to have another grand home standing as a testament to the past…


I try to travel the path of least resistance. but i seem to hit a speed bump or two along the way that makes me pay attention, and look to the left and to the right, and not just tunnel vision. i will be back to report on my findings.


What a great find! I love your last line. Every day when I take my oldest to school, we pass a pasture of cows and calves. There is one little guy who looks like someone dipped his tail into a can of white paint. He is so cute and sems to always be in plain sight. We have started noticing a few more calves with the same tail!

Bev Nan Murphy

I just discovered that my two Beekman buddies are very wise and continuously full of
surprises. My Zen cottage on Cape Cod Bay bluff is where I spend 8 months of the year. Winter’s winds direct from Spain make it difficult to open the car door. THere I make it a point to travel down one road, trail, path where I never trod before, at least once a week.
I have the new discovers in my head, but return to find new ones and will advise. Thanks dearhearts. We need more of you (us) in this world.

Sonja Norman

How amazing. One should take a minute and relish what is right in front of them. But, in the hustle and buzzle of daily life’s that occupy us, we can not see the forest for the trees. This should be a valuable lesson.
Thank you for sharing.