“Don’t you guys miss all the museums and shows and concerts and stuff in the city?”

That’s probably the #1 question we get since we sold our city apartment and moved full-time to Sharon Springs. It’s also the easiest to answer: we go to far more cultural events up here than we ever did in NYC. Between the hassle of cabs, the expensive pre-show dinners, the sold out shows, etc etc., culture in NYC comes at a price. Sometimes a really big literal one.

Our area is actually a hidden gem of museums and performing arts, so we wanted to start sharing a few with you folks who want to come visit us but are afraid you’ll have to spend the entire weekend shucking corn. (You’ll only have to spend an afternoon shucking corn. Other than that, you’re free.)

The first destination we want to share with you is also one of the most impressive. In the country. That’s right…anywhere. What Tanglewood is to classical concerts, and Jacobs Pillow is to dance…Cooperstown’s Glimmerglass Festival is to opera and other singing arts. (As well as other riveting performances.)  Glimmerglass was founded in the Cooperstown High School Gymnasium in an effort to bring world class opera to the region. It succeeded…wildly. Now the productions take place in a beautiful state of the art facility on the shores of Otsego (Glimmerglass) Lake. It has debuted many world premieres, and has been host to many of the most talented Opera singers in the world.

Each summer Glimmerglass Festival puts on four shows in rotating repertory. It’s well known for debuting cutting edge shows, but also for amazing productions of perennial favorite operas. Additionally, it usually includes one production from the American Musical Theater world among its four selections. This season’s productions include: The Flying Dutchman, Camelot, King for a Day & Passions

We’ll be attending all four. You can easily make either a weekend, or a whole week out of the festival, which this year runs from July 6th to August 24th.

We were lucky enough to be invited to witness the backstage activities of this year’s production. It was a fascinating afternoon which began with observing the childrens’ chorus rehearsal, and culminated in the full dress rehearsal for The Flying Dutchman.  Follow along…




by Josh and Brent

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OMG just came home from a matinee of The Flying Dutchman …awesome. One of the friends in the group thought she saw you two. Was that possible? Did she see you? If she did, how did you enjoy it? I envy you being able to go behind the scenes. We are so lucky to have Glimmerglass and SPAC in our area as well as Proctors. We do not lack in the arts! Camelot on Monday!

Tomas S. Morrison

When everyone says, ‘Oh, the audience is getting older!’ I think, ‘Thank God they’re getting older because now people who had careers in the business world are retiring early and they’re healthy and they want to discover new things.’ Why shouldn’t these people discover opera?


I have heard of Glimmerglass, but didn’t realize how impressive it is. Looks amazing!

Barry Blust

Wow! Sure is a few steps from the High School. I carry many fond memories of Glimmerglass and Orpheus and wish you all ther very best.


That opera house was just a horse farm when I was a kid… we spent summers renting an old carriage barn 1/4 mile away. The horses used to wander up to the border fences and I’d feed them carrots. It was incredible to watch that farm transform to the beautiful opera house it became – and little did I know I’d be working for them in my teens for 4 seasons! I’m so glad they kept some of the aspects of the farm – those doors that slide back were originally to keep the horses cool with a cross-breeze during the summer. (Works for humans too!) Such a great place with such a innovative, brilliant and fresh take on opera. Thanks for posting about it!

Princess Penelope Poopalatte

Thank you for the backstage tour. It is truly amazing to see all the hard work that goes into productions such as these. One tends to forget that when they see the perfection unflold on stage; it looks so effortless. How wonderful to have such a treasure!

Janan Willoughby-La Deaux

I’ve been going to the Glimmerglass Opera for years. My mom would take a room at the Otesaga Hotel and stay for a week every summer. I never, ever tire of Cooperstown. It is one of the most charming spots on the face of the earth. There is always something to do whatever the season, even if it is to just sit by the lake and drink in it’s tranquil beauty. One can understand how James Fenimore Cooper became inspired to pen his “Leatherstocking Tales” partially based upon this Upstate NY treasure that is tucked away in Otsego County.