Last week you met Faintly – our wee littlest goat, and you saw all of the things in our house that she’s bigger than. (Or not.)  You’ll be happy to know that she’s eating well and growing. A bit. How much? Well, she was curious too, so we wrapped her up tightly and took her into the village to see what else she’s “bigger than.”

We’ll post all the things in the village that she’s “bigger than” later this week. But here’s a sneak peek at the people and places Faintly met on her “big” adventure. (Most of the photos – at least the better ones – were taken by our friend Chris Stout-Hazard.)

“Excuse me Brent, will we find something that I’m bigger than?”

Faintly wee little goat baby

“I don’t know Faintly. I hope we can.”


One of our first stops was NBT bank.  Faintly thinks she might want to be a teller one day. When she can see over the counter. Did she find anything she was bigger than? You’ll have to tune in later this week.

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Special thanks to Volunteer Fire Squad member Stacy Wojciechowski who was kind enough to make a special trip to show Faintly a fire truck. Did she find anything at the fire house that she was bigger than? We’ll see.

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Faintly’s new friends at Adelphi Wall Hangings helped her pick out wallpaper designs for the barn. (She went with a mid 18th century Everard Damask.)

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Don’t let Faintly’s wee size fool you. She’s quick. Many of the day’s shots turned out like this:

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Another stop was the Sharon Springs Free Library where Faintly didn’t make a single peep, earning praise from Library Director Mary Ellen Wolfe. Was she bigger than anything in the Library? Stay tuned.

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

In the “Kids’ Section” (see what we did there?) of the library we may have found the perfect sized barn for Faintly:

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Faintly also met shopkeeper Maureen, from Cobber & Co:

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

And Tony, from The Black Cat Cafe:

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Sometimes Faintly needed a little quiet time between shoots:

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

Of course Faintly had to stop to say hi to Megan, and tell her all the things she was bigger than. What were they? You’ll have to wait and see.

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

At the end of the shoot day, she challenged the photographer to an arm wrestling match. She was not bigger than him.

Faintly wee little goat baby Chris Stout Hazard

When we got home, Faintly ate and slept much more than usual.

Then again, she dreams bigger than most.

Faintly Wee Little Goat Baby

(Faintly went to many more places on her trip, and we’ll share all the pictures of what she found in the village soon.)

by Josh and Brent

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Faintly Fan

Could you give us an update on little Faintly? We’re out here wondering…..

Angie Falzarano

That last pic was perfect. It was like a little smirk saying tune in cause I’m not telling. Your photographer is fantastic.

suzanne spina

Cutest goat ever!!!! I love that Megan keeps her lint rollers handy for visits! Hilarious.


Faintly is like a “Where’s Waldo” or “Flat Stanley” … watch out, she is going to take over the business soon! lol Thanks for sharing the pics – much fun!

Kimberly Flick

Um…Brent? You seem to have a “wee” little pal there. 😉
That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Definitely a candidate for children’s books!

Farmer Joe

Looks like you have a new ambassador at the Beekman.
I missed last year’s harvest fest but I will certainly come up to see Faintly this year. Hopefully she doesn’t get too big by then.

Michelle Shedoudy

I agree with all of the comments that say “Faintly” is the perfect subject for a Children’s book. I will be the first to order several for Grandchildren and small Cousins..

Faintly is huge in my eyes.

Danielle Fiery

Is she bigger than Einstein, the little horse in NH??? She’s wicked cute!


A “Beekman Farm Pet” in the making …Josh maybe you could convince Brent that instead of dreaming for a pet dog, Faintly is much more ideal (not that I have anything against dogs).It clearly shows in Brent’s eyes that Faintly is “it”. You guys are already “in-love” with her anyways.


In the time of William Beekman…

Noah Webster published his first dictionary in 1806, then a comprehensive dictionary in 1828. He had to mortgage his home to publish a second edition in 1840 (where were those mortgage buster tomatoes in the 19th century?)

A definition of “big” from the 1828 edition: “great in spirit, lofty, brave”

I’d say Faintly is bigger than many, though she be slight in stature.

Pam Landy

I think Brent needs to no longer expect a dog for his birthday. I think he has found a wonderful companion “dog” right here in Faintly. Soooo cute and he’s the one ways holding her. True comfort is a little one sleeping in your arms. Thanks for sharing, guys.


That goat is surely a good luck charm. The last shot with Brent is the best with Faintly smiling.

Tammy Wolford

Faintly is SO cute! Hugging her sure must have brightened everyone’s work day.

Janet M

I love her smile on the last shot….her travels are a bit like Flat Stanley….are you planning another 1803 Beekman publication? It would sell really well.

Anne Baldocchi

Yes! You should write a children’s book about Faintly. She’s such a little star and I just love her so much. Can’t wait to see if she’s bigger than something. For sure, she has a really big spot in my heart.

Vitta Fernandez

It looks like Faintly has touched the hearts of everyone in Sharon Springs. You know, Brent and Josh, I think that people are right and you should write a children’s book about Faintly. And the title should be, “Am I Bigger Than…”. Go on to write all that you have written about Faintly and then finish it with how it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or how rich or poor you are. What matters is the size of your heart, the truth in your spirit and the friends that touch our lives every day.

Because of what my daughter and I are going through right now. (Her significant other of 11 years left her and the two children, 4 & 6 years old for what he thought we’re greener pastures; i.e., someone else) We have found out that we live in a community full of care and love in their hearts. When he left, he took everything from pots and pans to beds. We were casually mentioning this to our local mechanic and from that point we have received furniture, etc. We even had about four vehicles full of provisions from the local fire department. These people did not know us. Until the time Mr. Burns, our mechanic, told them of our plight, they did not even know we existed! But, they reached out and helped.

That is what love and caring is all about. It is not about writing a check, or saying I’m sorry. It is about touching people’s lives in a positive and caring way EVERY day. Thank you New Baltimore for being there for my daughter, my grandchildren and me!

Pat Fielding

Thanks so much for sharing Faintly’s outing to Sharon Springs. You are going to keep her, aren’t you! You must – she is so adorable.

Sandy Handley

I am so in love with Faintly. This could definitely be the beginning to a wonderful children’s book….just saying

Teri Smith

She’s soooooo sweet, Polkaspot better look out, she’s got competition in the barn yard !!