Whenever we get invited to make a visit to QVC we get as excited as kids when they find out they’re heading to Disney World. (We also get excited when we get invited to Disney World. We get excited a lot.)

For any entrepreneur or small business person, QVC is like retail heaven. Not simply because they move a lot of product…but it’s an amazing retail machine. More than just selling our books, we look at each visit as a chance to learn from some of the smartest retail folks on the planet.

Even if you’re not a QVC customer you’ll be impressed with their operations. Imagine a 24/7/364 live television program (only Christmas day is pre-taped)

by Josh and Brent

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Joanne Voelker

Taking to the highway to PA is so much fun! I drive from MA to York, PA to visit my Mom. Driving down on Route 81 South surely is a pretty ride! Just turn up the tunes and go! Loved you on the QVC show, great photos you posted. Fun times!


Caught a little bit of your on-air time as I tuned in too early then too late!!!

ruby t

That set is sophisticated. I really had no idea what it was like.
As always, you two look so great!


You had so little screen time that I wondered if it was actually worth the trip. (Would the cookbooks sell just as well if David simply did a segment on his own?) So it’s interesting to read about the other benefits to you from being there in person.