We know it can be difficult to tell your friends and family a full recap of Season 1 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, so our production company, World of Wonder, put together this brief video synopsis.

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by Josh and Brent

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This is the BEST promo ever! Way to go, WOW and Planet Green! My girls and I are so excited for the premier of Season 2 tonight! Hugs to you both!

Cheryl and Rebecca R

My daughter and I have the show dvr'd and we watch together.

We LOVE the show!! We love the baby goats they are so sweet and what a beautiful home you have! Good luck with the show and your business!:)

traci sabia

today is the day…… 2 is here… B2 will be a hit. love u guys and cant wait to come and visit in ny

Maureen Kowalski

I don't get Planet Green, but I have access to On Demand which is where I found you two. Best discovery ever!!!

Mary Draht

You make me smile. You make me think about where our food comes from, how's it's grown and trying to do better for my friends and family. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so haven't gardened in awhile. My daughter is helping me put up a raised garden for vegetables this year. Thank you for helping me convince her that this is a good thing. Best wishes to you all.


Best unscripted show on television. I'm making it my mission to tell everyone about you fabulous fellows. Great show, awesome products. I love it all!!!


Laughed so hard I am crying. Miss Emma love Polka Spot even more now (and I did not know that was possible). Thank you for the brief distraction from this crazy world!


I saved season one on my DVR to show anyone who would watch how great the show is! Everyone has been on me to remind them when season 2 starts so I am on it today to get the word out.


You guys have made my life a lot happier since you rolled onto Planet Green. I can hardly wait to see what happens in season two. I tell all my friends, family and people I meet on the street to watch to see just how fabulous you both really are! You both are awesome! Now, if my husband would only build me my garden…ppfff…so much for a carpenter!


OMG so funny! Thank you for the laugh =)

Much appreciated after a LONG day building chicken coops — By the way garden boots better then sliced white bread! Found a magenta pair for myself at the Tractor Supply Store — never thought in a thousand years I would trade Bloomingdales for TSS and be happy about it!

Katanna Usrey

I can't wait! I love all you all. I need to laugh about right now. I took a bath tonight with my February goat milk bath bar. I am making it last! Still got 11 more bars to go! Looking forward to ordering some cheese this year. Have a great season!


Too Funny!! Can't wait to see what goes along with the unfamiliar clips.

Love and respect everything you are doing!

Andre Jones

This is so funny, laughed again and again. We never get tired of you guys. Your Fabulous!