Life is a banquet and too many people are starving to death!—Auntie Mame




Christmas at Beekman Place


If you’ve never read the book or seen the movie that chronicles the story of Mame, then you’ve certainly heard the most famous song from the musical version of the story:


For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet.
Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute.
It hasn’t snowed a single flurry,
But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry;


Each year we try to come up with a unique holiday theme for the Mercantile, and this year we chose to honor this American literary icon (and it really has NOTHING to do with the fact that her address is 3 Beekman Place)

Mame traveled the world, re-decorated her home weekly, had a fortune, lost a fortune, took in an orphaned nephew, and all along the way never lost her zany zeal for life.

Whenever we’re feeling over worked or underappreciated, we always remind ourselves –no matter what time of year it is—that we CAN have a little Christmas, right this very minute.

All it takes is looking around and finding all those things that sparkle in your life.



All of the products we designed for the Christmas at Beekman Place Collection are of LIMITED EDITION, so if you see something you like, please click here to order now or call the Mercantile at 518.284.6039



by Josh and Brent

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If “Fabulous in a Bottle” is a limited edition, then what am I going to do when mine is gone? I bought it for the bottle but fell in love with the fragrance. It has to become a staple not a limited edition!

Dr. Brent

Hi, Jane.

We had planned for it to be for holiday only, but it turned out to be such a popular formula that we are going to continue it as part of PolkaSpot’s permanent collection


Good to know the right words to that carol. Sad to know I’ve been singing it wrong all these years!

“Singing loud for all to hear is the best way to spread Christmas cheer!”

– Buddy the Elf


I thought I was the ONLY one who knows Auntie Mame! She has been my dearest friend for years and visits every Christmas “with bells on” her wrist, Martini in hand because “she’s hung”. Vera Charles follows suit. Thanks for presenting Mame to the world…and I hope, to the banquet! I always indulge, life’s better that way. Oh the places you”ll see!

Geo Sonnen

Very interesting that I would find this! I was invited to join and perform at a gathering ( it wound up being a surprise birthday party for me, btw) 11 years ago where I’d met a woman named Diana. I had no idea who she was nor what her life had been like, but in a year’s time, I was referring to her as my “Auntie Mame”. I have never met anyone like her! As I came to know her, I’d found out that she had lived in Pennsylvania, near the Daniel Boone homestead, in Paris, France, the Bahamas, Fiji, Columbia, South America, and now residing just outside of Hershey, PA, where she throws legendary parties (4-5 times a year, including a memorial music fest dedicated to her late son, Pablo). Diana’s parties are filled with writers, artists, dancers, poets, and incredible musicians, and all-of-which contribute their talents at each event.

During the time that Diana lived in Fiji, she’d spent time with and interviewed Gregory Peck, and is mentioned and photographed in Sheree Lipton’s book, “A Woman In The South Pacific”. When she lived in Columbia, she married and raised a son who was one of the most talented composers I’d ever known. Her beautiful daughter was a professional dancer, showgirl, and Zumba instructor. And after living in Paris for a year or so, she still visits friends there yearly.

In addition to the parties that she throws, both she and her husband, Jim, who worked for the Peace Corp in 1969 and has written an incredible book about his experience in India entitled, “To The Far Side Of Planet Earth”, lead monthly gatherings of their Culture Club at Penn State’s Hershey Medical Center and are always involved with poet circles at local bookstores, holding benefits for the SPCA, and tirelessly support and promote many local artists and musicians.

Let me tell you…Diana may be in her late 80s, but this woman astounds me when she and her husband do things like get up and dance while supporting friends who play in rock bands! Her home is like a museum filled with dozens of artist’s works, photographs and “souvenirs” from her and Jim’s life! And Diana is almost always dressed to the nines, and has such grace, and a heart so big, she regularly takes in boarders in need of a room to rent in her spacious home.

With all this being said, is it any wonder that I consider her my “Auntie Mame”?

Candace Perry

It’s me! It’s me! I’ve always felt like (and even played) Mame. I need a little Christmas!

Betty Fox

Mine is a long gone cousin who was referred in the manner (marching to the beat of his own drum) A teacher, writer, gardener, traveler, A learner, historian , musician a man I much admired. I Learned much from him and remember him fondly.

Angie Noble

My husband is the one who always encourages me to enjoy the zeal of life. He cracks me up on a daily basis and constantly inspires me to be my best self. He is all about seizing the day and living a life that shows others that they should live life to its fullest.

Marilyn Levine

My friend Mary Lou allows me to be the spontaneous, adventurous, flirtatious person that I am and always has my back. She does go along with me to a point and smiles that loving smile as I get lost in the moment. Life wouldn’t be the same without her!

Bryan Smith

I’ve loved this book (and the sequel!), the plays and the movies (even Lucy’s 1974 version) my whole life! It’s a fantastic story of diversity and I applaud you for carrying it!

Amy Stokes

Our family doesn’t buy for each other because we are already so blessed. We take that money and support our favorite charities or sponsor a worthwhile cause. That’s what the holiday is all about.

Andre Jones

I Have a rule to not buy myself anything for Christmas, but made this my exception. It is a wonderful perfume that mixes well with the winter air.