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We’re thrilled that so many people are nominating us for A People’s Choice Award, “Favorite TV Obsession.” Even though we might be a homespun show, we’re committed to bringing the issues of farming and messages about small community can-do spirit to a wider audience. If we could get nominated for a People’s Choice award, we could spread the message even further.

And to thank you for your support, Brent and I would like to come visit the biggest “Beek Geek” in their hometown if we earn a nomination. How can we make that happen?

We’re taking a cue from other “bigger” shows, and we’re learning some tips on how they’re soliciting nominations. Since People’s Choice awards are quite literally a popularity contest, they allow everyone to vote multiple times. One of the easiest ways of voting is via twitter. All one has to do is tweet this exact phrase (with the hash marks) to have your vote counted:

The Fabulous Beekman Boys #tvobsession #PeoplesChoice

But once isn’t enough; we’re learning. Some shows are having their fans tweet thousands of times. One way to do this is to open multiple tweet accounts and tweet the same message hundreds or thousands of times.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s not the best way of spending an afternoon. But if anyone does feel compelled to put that much effort in, we feel compelled to come thank you in person.


If we get the nomination, we’ll come visit the person who tweets “The Fabulous Beekman Boys #tvobsession #PeoplesChoice” 5000 times. Yep, we’ll fly to your hometown to say “thank you” for voting so prolifically. (In the continental U.S.) If more than one person tweets 5000 times, we’ll visit whomever is crazy enough to tweet the most times over 5000.  You have to keep tally of your votes by putting the number of the tweet at the end of each message  (No. 1….No. 5000)

Keep in mind, the voting for nominations closes this Friday, October 29th. So if you’ve got the time…start tweeting!

So to keep it clear, to have us come visit:

1. We have to earn the nomination. (Announced in November)

2. You have to have 5000 tweets to your name.

3. If more than one person reaches 5000, we’ll go to the person with the highest number of tweets. (We can only afford one trip, unfortunately, or we’d love to meet you all.)

We’re looking forward to meeting you right on your own back porch!!!

by Josh and Brent

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Robert Fernandez

We-Susan and I, would love to come to New York to meet all of you and see your farm.

We are retiring soon and we want to start a small farm and I know we could learn quite alot from farmer John.

Susan watches all of your episodes on green planet and has read your book many times. We would absolutely love to meet you.

Thanks, and take care


I love the Beekman Boys. Josh and Brent feel like family. Well, they are. The TV show is my all time favorite. Good luck with the People's Choice Award.

Leslie Allen

I cant get into my twitter can we still do it on any other site besides twitter or can someone tell me how to get into my twitter account?


How many tweet accounts can a person have per email address and how often can you tweet the same thing over and over again? I'm guessing its better to open an account and not follow or have anyone follow you so no one gets annoyed with you


I don't have a back porch…but you guys can sit on my front porch swing. Good luck! Whether you win or not…keep on growing, mowing, and flowing on the show…your teacher friend in Maine!