Under the table and dreaming, Episode 3

Had it not been for Lego, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, there may have never been a Beekman 1802.  These toys inspired an attention to detail and construction that is evident in how we approach life and design on the farm.

Gabby, a 10 year old artist and FOB (Friend of Beekman), is doing Lego recreations of her favorite scenes from each episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

If you missed her earlier creations, click here and here

Don’t be afraid to share what the show inspired in you

by Gabby

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Hey guys, episode 4 might take a bit longer. I watched 4 a few nights ago and I'm still trying to figure out what in the world I'm going to do this time!! I'm sure it will involve lots of string and soap!! Thanks again for letting me post my pics and thanks for all the comments!!

BTW- Josh & Brent, wheres my autographs? 😀

Dr. Brent

Hi, Gabby

We were missing the Lego! Glad to know that you are up for the challenge, though. I can't wait to see the Lego you make that looks like Martha. Autographs are forthcoming. We feel so honored!

glenda brinson

Hi…Josh & Brent

thanks for all the laughter you give

me each time I watch you guys.

Really great job Gabby…everyone needs

time to dream…I really enjoy your

creations. Thanks for sharing.


Gabby, this is sooooooooo cute! It brought me right back to seeing those two under the table and made me smile (I love happy endings).

What a great interpretation! Rock on!


Angela Rae

Hi Gabby,

Your lego interpretations of our show are fantastic!

I can't wait to see what you come up with for this week's episode – probably something with lots of soap!