Now the rest of the world can see how wonderful life in small town America can be.  If you have friends or relatives living in the far reaches of the world, let them know that they too can become Beek-Geeks!

In AUSTRALIA The Fabulous Beekman Boys can be seen on ABC2

In NEW ZEALAND on the Living Channel and the Country Channel

Watch Sundance International in FRANCE, CENTRAL EUROPE, the NETHERLANDS, GREECE and TURKEY

Watch Discovery International in NORWAY and ITALY

and in FINLAND, you can find us on MTV3

by Josh and Brent

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How did the weekend go? I'm looking forward to all the news, and really hoping Green Planet do a special so we can all see what we are missing. I made Cottage Cheese yesterday with some Raw milk that a lovely friend brought over yesterday – guess whats for lunch today!



Try looking up The Fabulous Beekman Boys on the iTunes website. The episodes can be purchased individually there (about $1.90 each). That's how I get them.



Just watched this weeks Beekman Boys here in Perth, Australia. Farmer John and his hip op – and the boys getting together as the goats give birth. I have 150 guinea pigs so I can relate very closely to the whole birth thing. I've been breeding and showing my piggies for 10 years, and each litter is as exciting as the first. And I get as emotional as Farmer John over 'my girls'! Fabulous footage crew. Another great episode. The Harvest Festival is this weekend so I hope you are blessed with fine weather for the Sharon Springs festivities. Is there going to be a Harvest Festival Special?

Carol Nevins

Love the show and just bought lots of soap for the Holidays – yes, I know it's early, but I didn't want to take any chances on missing out.

I understand that there were 10 episodes and I only DVR'd 9. Hope I'll be able to find the one I'm missing.

Can't wait for the new schedule. Love the show, love the soap can't wait to try the cheese.


Thanks,I enjoyed your Thanksgiving episode.

It is all about family.

Best regards , Terry from Western Australia

Alison Dawson

YAHOOOOOO!!!! Congratulations on 'The Next Step' I am definitely going to tell ALL my International friends and family about you guys. Keep up the good work, love ya!



Is there any chance that your show can be shown in the Philippines? It will be a great hit for sure!




I second Roger's comment above. For once we can be proud of a program that the U.S. is exporting! !

I just saw the repeat of your appearance on Martha Stewart's show. (I had missed it when it aired in the spring). It was fun to see John and his favorite goat Hannah in the spotlight; Josh, you were as funny as ever. I hope you can show that segment on this website; would Martha allow it?


I saw the headline and thought you were maybe selling to someone in Canada & was going to say that it didn't quite count as international.

Good for you guys! We love your show. I'll recommend it to my sister-in-law & her partner in London.


Hi Brent and Josh:

This says everything about the quality of your program and the entertainment value of the farm, the animals, and your lives! I'm proud of all of you and proud that you have something positive, entertaining and enlightening to export.

I hope that people in other countries will also choose to try the Beekman goat milk soap and the Blaak cheese.

How's business at the new Beekman Mercantile store?


GAH! That's amazingly exciting for me and you two 😀

I will tell all my friends (that live in other countries (but I only have one) So I will tell my one friend who lives in another country ;D)

Congrats by the way!

Dolette Alvarado

Awesome! Does this mean that you'll have to start travelling to these countries? Who's going to mind the store and the farm?