Need to get your Fabulous Beekman fix?  Maybe you can combine your summer vacation plans and re-watch the second season with these countries that haven’t seen it yet!


In AUSTRALIA catch the show on ABC2
In FINLAND watch MTV3 (we rate higher than Jersey Shore there!)
In ITALY help the Italians discover us on Discovery Europe
The sheep of NEW ZEALAND love us so much that they put the show on two channels, Country Channel and Living Channel
In NORWAY they watch the Fabulous Beekman Boys on Discovery Europe while trying to decide next year’s Nobel Prize winners


In France, the Netherlands, Central and Eastern Europe, Greece & Turkey, watch us on Sundance International (thanks, Bob!)


Tell us where you would like to go in the comments section below.

by Josh and Brent

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Jack Sica

Did you know you can now buy the the episodes of both seasons now @ and watch them on your PC or TV?



I agree with the comments re: we'd be happy to watch you at home in the good ole USA! Comcast really dropped the ball this season, showing TFBB On Demand for very few days then, nada…….now the show doesn't even appear on the On Demand schedule. What happened?

Skip Haughay

We are touring Mexico and Peru in a few months. Be great to see the show there. Hey can Abel and I be your voice actors and dub you into Spanish?


I'd love to watch on a rainy evening in St. Maarten at a wine bar overlooking the ocean. It can be such a 'United Nations' of people there-it would be so fun to watch the show with people from all over the world!

susan tolbert

Unfortunately, some of us have hands that are just too dirty for Europe this summer. REMEMBER the largest veggie garden ever!!! We have to stay home and weed the gardens just like you two, so don't announce you have to make a quick trip to Europe. Happy weeding guys! (I am thrilled that the FBB are finally going world wide because now the new fans will want season 3 :))) sue t.


Well, with two Irish grandfathers, I would love to sit in the green hills of Erin and see your smiling faces. Lol.


My cable company doesn’t carry Planet Green. I bought both seasons on iTunes and now have them on my iPad for whenever I feel the need to watch. Perfect for summer road trips to Schoharie County.

kathryn warner

I would be happy just to see season 2 finale on Comcast ON DEMAND!! Had to work when finale aired. For some horrible reason Comcast has failed to include finale!


I love you guys! I remember Sharon Springs pre American Hotel & the Beekman Mercantile. Love your energy, humor & drama! And love the goats too!

Eve Stavros

Great! I'll tell my frIend in Rome she can finally see what I've been raving about!

Linda Schnell-Leonar

This is why I want you two to go to Paris next year for the Paris Cookbook event. Ask your Publisher about it. You need to spread the love around, and sometimes it has to done in grams and others, ounces. 🙂