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We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

~T. S. Eliot


Last year, Josh’s parents took a trip of a lifetime—a riverboat cruise through Europe. It was something they had dreamed about and saved for virtually their entire lives. The mere anticipation of the journey brought them and us tremendous joy.

It made us start thinking about what our own trip of a lifetime would be. Around this time, the United States lifted the restrictions that had prohibited American travel to Cuba for over 50 years. We knew immediately that Cuba would be our trip of a lifetime.


Because over the next year will be the only time to see and experience authentic Cuba before the influx of American capitalism turns it into an entirely different place. It’s a rare moment in history that we get to witness–and there are relatively few of those opportunities in life.

From Josh’s parents we knew that what made their trip of a lifetime seem manageable was that the tour company handled virtually every aspect of the trip.

The frozen in time allure of Cuba also makes for difficult travel. The usual infrastructure for tourism does not exist, so we sought out Ian Sargent who has been leading medical volunteer and missionary trips to the island for almost a decade. Working with him we planned out a trip that included everything that Beekman 1802 represents: learning from and appreciating other people and ways, finding good food starting from the ground up, giving back, and treating yourself like the good person you are.

As plans for the trip were being finalized, we realized what we came up with was a trip unlike anyone else would ever make to Cuba.

Since we had done all this work, we decided to invite people along.

Limited to only 16 people (including us!), we’ll set out for our adventure in February.

If Cuba is your trip of a lifetime, too, that time is now.


Read more about the trip and print out the full itinerary by clicking here


by Josh and Brent

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As a Canadian I’ve been able to travel to Cuba a few times, and it really truly is my happy place. You will be enchanted by the people, the music, the wonder of it all. Havana is such a magical place, the feeling of history is palpable as you walk through the cobbled streets of the old city and the light is a photographer’s dream. I absolutely appreciate your attitude towards this trip and I too feel that within the year the country will begin to undergo such massive change it, unfortunately, will lose some of it’s appeal for me. I would recommend lunch in the garden at the Hotel Nacional, looking out towards the sea with the beautiful historic hotel in the background. I escaped the group I was travelling with and spent an unforgettable afternoon there sipping mojitos and savouring grilled snapper while watching the peacocks strut about. I’m sure you will all have the trip of a lifetime and won’t regret a single second of it. Go with open eyes, open heart and open mind and you will fall in love.