Photographer David A. Land traveled to Beekman Farm to photograph us at work in the kitchen for Food Network Magazine (click here to see that work)

During his down time, he took a walk around the barnyard.  Now he’s shared those photos so that you can take a walk around the barnyard, too!


Visit David’s website to see more of his beautiful travel photography. Click here.


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  • By: Beth

    These photos are simply gorgeous. Pictures of the piggy make me happy I’m a vegetarian! Such a sweet face.

  • By: Mary Erickson

    You appeared to have missed a very important presence on the farm – and she’s NOT gonna be happy!

  • By: Jen

    Love the beautiful pictures. I must say, the pigs were looking a little dirty? Dr. Brent didn’t clean them up before the photo shoot? ;-P I adore you both!

  • By: Suzanne Koba

    Nice pictures. I’m assuming these are the baby pigs Pete showed us this past July. I know there is a circle of life but I feel so bad for the pigs. It would be hard for me to consume an animal that I helped feed, etc.

  • By: Donna Shaw

    While I am a huge fan, I was upset when you killed your two pigs to eat. They were so sweet. I wonder if you also eat your goats?

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Donna. We do not use our goats for meat and are glad that our show made you think about how food gets to your plate

  • By: sue tolbert

    LOVE THE PIG PICTURE THE BEST and being in black and white sets the mood perfectly. sue t.

  • By: Melody

    NOT a single one of Polkie?? Oh my, Diva Llama not going to be happy. . .

  • By: Kelley

    Great pictures, but the ones of the pigs made me sad. They are so sweet looking now and I don’t like picturing them with the starring role in a future BLT.

  • By: Marie Chilcote

    Are the goats that hard on the barn? It looks as if it needs painting again. Time for another barn raising!!

  • By: Sandy S.

    I agree with Bev… I wonder why black and white is so much more stunning sometimes.

  • By: Robyn Bruce

    Thank you for the tour! All the goats are just beautiful and the piggies are so cute!

  • By: Vitta Fernandez

    Love the black and white photos! There is something special about the black and white…they look regal! Bucolic farming at its best.

    • By: Sonja Norman

      that is true, black./white pictures are very special and bring out the beauty in all.

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