Every time we check out at the grocery store we see some tabloid cover shouting about someone’s “baby bump.” Magazine editors seem to get very excited about them. We can’t even imagine how hot n’ bothered they’d be if they ever visited the Beekman 1802 Barn in the middle of January. We’ve got more bumps than a gravel road after a washout. Nearly all Farmer John’s goats are pregnant right now, and kidding season starts in just three weeks time.

Take a look below at some pics we just took of our current bump-er crop of mama’s. (To learn more about goat pregnancy and gestation check out this post.) And if you’re a tabloid editor, don’t worry, we’ll reveal the Baby Daddies at the end of the slideshow.


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  • By: Nancy Cornell

    I love seeing your beautiful ladies and can hardly wait to see the kids. We used to have our own herd. Miss them but don’t think they would be happy in our little apartment!

  • By: Susan Elwood

    Sweet pics. My goats are as big as these mamas and mine aren’t pregnant ! Think I need to cut back on the servings! Congrats to Farmer John and the moms!

  • By: Pam Grieder

    There have been a lot of goats born here in Arizona at a farm we visit. They had 3 goats have quads and several others with triplets. Many more had twins…It was so fun visiting them!

  • By: Linda

    Is there only one Dad for all of those babes? When I was there for Harvest Fest there seemed to be several males. These mommas are so sweet… can’t wait til the little ones are here.

  • By: Jill Ray

    How come so many cobwebs in the barn. Looks like Spring cleaning is needed in a bad way. Love you guys.

    • By: glynis

      Jill ~. My guess is you don’t have a Barn! Even OCD individuals can’t keep up with those. Besides – haven’t you read E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web”?

  • By: Jane

    Gotta love your baby bumps. We too have baby bumps in our barn–we also have bouncing baby doe kids. About 80 since Christmas. Soon our barns, yours and mine will be bursting at the seams with baby goats everywhere.

  • By: Sean M

    Just caught the episode “Paging Dr Brent”
    How many of these does are from Dolly?
    Watched it with my 16 yr. old; she’d make a good intern for Farmer John.

  • By: Amanda

    i swear i saw some of the goats smiling:) happy birthing farmer john!!!! xoxo

    • By: Nancy Cox Marafioti

      These 4 legged kids look so happy and content. I love the first shot when they all turn to look at the camera. They DO look loved ,well cared for AND like they are smiling at you! Thanks for sharing.

  • By: Wendy

    You guys crack me up! Love the pics – thank you for sharing.

  • By: Arlene

    I love the pics of the maternity ward how cute is that

  • By: Joan Priest

    These photos are priceless! I especially love those of Shine and Hilda! Whoever wrote the captions did a great job!

  • By: Amy T.

    Thanks for the pics! Loved the whole bunch of them and seeing the barn more! Best wishes for them to be born one day after Valentine’s day so you can enjoy the quest of romanticalness in full glory. Then it’s all babies all the time. Good luck to Farmer John too!! He’ll need it!

  • By: Jane

    They are absolutely beautiful ladies in waiting. Must be pretty noisy on “birth” days.

  • By: Chris

    There must be some very happy billygoats, fredgoats albertgoats etc… at Beekman!!!

  • By: ConnieW.

    One question: In that first pic, why does it look like, in the back right corner, that a goat is standing in an enclosed pen with hay piled up to its neck?? Maybe I have been couped up so long I’m going crazy!

    • By: Chris

      Yes, I think your right!! Good eye.That is so cute.

  • By: ConnieW.

    Its a bumpalooza in that barn!! I hope all of the births go smoothly and that all comes out well in the end, pun intended, har-har-(snort!)-har-har!! And to Josh, spring is right around the corner! Get your dibble ready and your trowel sharpened! I am chomping at the bit to get out in the garden, and I know you are, too, especially now that you can devote all the time you want to your gardening! I am just so happy for you guys accomplishing that one million dollar goal! God works in mysterious ways! Cheers!

  • By: Sherry

    Pleeeease, vacuum up all those cob/spider webs in the goat barn.

  • By: Annie

    Brings back many fond childhood memories and all the goats we had at grandmas house. Birthing time was always very special.

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