When William Beekman founded his original mercantile in Sharon Springs, NY, in the last half of the 18th century, it served as the “last stop for gas” for the wagon trains leaving the Northeast and heading to the western frontier. Decking the halls was far from a priority of these early American adventurers, but even so, the thrill of opening a simple, brown paper package tied up with the string—even it was only a pair of long-johns or a sewing needle—was still there.

As the mercantile grew larger and was taken over by William’s son Cornelius, the shop carried everything a homemaker could ever dream of—dry goods, tools, paint, furniture…gifts.

Beekman Mercantile was dormant for over a century and a half until we moved into Beekman’s original home and re-invigorated the business.

Today Beekman 1802 designs and produces products that draw from all aspects of the company legacy—from pasture to posh. Central to every item is what we like to call the “heirloom experience”.

Heirlooms have value greater than their monetary worth because they’ve become burnished by memory.

We’ve always been fans of Christopher Radko and Hallmark and how they’ve helped create memories that hang on the Christmas tree. One of our greatest joys each year is inching into the attic crawlspace, pulling out the ornaments (we have over 1000!) and unwrapping them from their tissue paper hiding places revealing every holiday memory we’ve ever shared together. Each one is so much more valuable than the tinsel and glass it took to make it.

We hope you like this peek around the farm at holiday time.

Many of this year’s decorations can be found in the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Holiday Collection at Bed Bath & Beyond. (Available online and in select stores.) Thanks to photographer Seymour Templar for capturing the farm so beautifully.




The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Holiday collection for Bed, Bath, and Beyond will delight you not just by helping you create a beautiful home for the holidays, but by helping you create memories.

And there’s no greater value than that.


All the items we decorated the farm with this year are part of the new Beekman 1802 Heirloom Holiday Collection available exclusively at Bed Bath + Beyond. See the collection here.

Our Mercantile is the only place in the world that you can get a First Edition of ‘A Seat at the Table’ that’s autographed by all three of the authors:
Supplies are limited!
by Josh and Brent

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Maria Eckols

Hello. I can’t wait for this years Bounty Box and Christmas gifts. Can you please tell me when they will be available and if that will be on HSN? Thank you so much.

Neighbor Services

No sneak peeks yet! HSN products are exclusive to their choosing. That information is not available. Be sure to keep an eye on your email newsletter as the holidays approach!

Xavier Garmon

Hi I wanted to see if you could do me a favor in answering a question for me. My friend had bought the snow globe lights that you guys had made last year and they were so beautiful. Unfortunately, they are not broken and I’ve tried looking for a set everywhere and can not find them. What can I be able to do to get these lights back working or is there anyway you have an extra set of these lights anywhere? This would be very helpful to me and greatly appreciated.

Paige Holm

Love your home and your tasteful decorating style, oh and You Two Crack Me Up! Loved reading your ‘tips for keeping a relationship intact through the holidays’ ~ good stuff!

It would be amazing if you were to let us know where we can purchase the mini snow-globe light strand. I thought you were selling them but I do not see them on Beekman 1802 or Bed Bath and Beyond sites.

Merry, Happy Christmas and New Year to you two ~ MWAH!



I am a first time customer, I have seen you both on Evine! Love your presentation and the baby goats! I finally ordered your Bounty Box and Mistletoe Box. I tried the Honey Orange Blossom Soap, OMG.. I loved it, it was so dense and so wonderful! I can’t wait to try it all out! I am so excited about it all, I even ordered more after I got it, I want everyone to try your products! Can’t wait to see you back on Evine after the first of the new year to see what you will have on there. Thank you!! Happy Holidays to you both!


your home is so beautiful in side and out. Love Peace Joy and Heath be with you two and to John and everyone that works so hard on the farm. And Onder and the Goats. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL IN HIS LOVE AND CARE ALWAYS. LOVE From SWEET PEA (dog) AND ME ARLENE

DeeDee Kramer

Brent, Josh, and Onder dog, It is sooo beautiful at your home, thank you for sharing the LOVE!! In my next life, I want to come back as Onder Dog!!! He is so lucky!!!!
Merry Christmas all and the very best in the New Year….Kisses to Farmer John and the Goats too!!! See you soon.
Love you, DeeDee Kramer

Sandy Bloomer

Wish you had a picture of your kitchen but all the photos are wonderful ???Happy Holidays Guys ???

Sue moore

I love the farm, it’s so warm and inviting. I’m going to my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond today to look for your collection! Happy Holidays to you both, Farmer John, and, of course, the goats!???

Joni Matthews

I would love to send a Christmas Card to you guys missed your address when you gave it out on the show…I can’t wait to get my Bounty Box…it’s all for me…YAY!!!! I wish your farm wasn’t so far from me, I would love to come and visit, especially in Sept for the Festival..

Joni Matthews

You guys are the greatest, enjoyed watching you once again on Evine..you fill my heart with so much joy, if I’m having a bad day you cheer me up. Love all your products, I have been wanting a Bounty Box and orderded one, can’t wait to get it and yes it’s all mine, Christmas present to me. I wish I can visit your farm,but I live in Saint Augustine Fl and it would be a plane ride, hotel, taxis It would be a bit of cost for me..I’m sure it probably would be worth it thou…I know you mentioned your address on the show, but I didn’t write it down…would love to send a Christmas to you.


Beautiful Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall on Beekman Farm. By the way, do you guys ever see little Mary around these days? Merry Christmas to you both and the darlings on your farm.

Prince Snow Farm

I love that this line is YOU! Both of you! You didn’t let someone steer you to produce something that doesn’t truly reflect your life at the farm. Have enjoyed following you for many years,and truly hope you sell every last item!!

Tyna Haynes

I love the inspiration you both bring to EVERYTHING! I have been a neighbor via TV & website now for over 2 years…..love you both! Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Peace be with you both!


I’m eagerly awaiting my shipments from Evine last wknd! Just loved u guy’s! Tried goat milk soap before from Indigo Wild out of St. Loius. But ur a closer neighbor!!!!

Susan Ross

Love everything! I especially like the string of snow globes and the string of houses. Heads up, typo on the string of houses pix, unless you really do let the goats eat them!


Don’t know if you ever look at the comments on your blogs these days, but I have to say (even if you don’t ever see it) that these are wonderful, heartwarming photos. Your BB&B collection is outstanding and looks absolutely perfect in your home. And the photos of Onder are priceless – love her!


Peek in on goats – saw John lol aww the goats look so cute ?They all look so cute ?Have wonderful day – got beekmans for presents this year – thank you both shalom