Hi, Country Living Magazine readers. We’re glad to meet you.  (Don’t get Country Living, see the article from the November 2011 issue by clicking here.)

If you just read about us in your November 2011 issue, and this is your first time here…welcome! If you liked the recipes in the magazine and are interested in our cookbook, The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook, please click here to purchase, or visit your local bookstore. You’ll also find our great community of heirloom cooks in our cookbook section of this website.

If you want to know more about us, here’s a little tour of the farm and what we do…

First off, we’re Brent and Josh, otherwise known as “The Fabulous Beekman Boys.” Brent is a physician who used to work as “Dr Brent” at Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Josh is a writer, who also works in advertising. We’ve been together 11 years, having met in New York City where we lived full time up until three years ago. That’s when we stumbled across the Beekman Mansion and Farm in Sharon Springs, NY while on an apple picking trip.

You can watch our adventures on our TV show, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” now available on iTunes, DVD, or Amazon Instant Video.   Or you can read all about how we became “accidental goat farmers” and founded our company, Beekman 1802, in our bestselling memoir “The Bucolic Plague.”  If you’re interested in trying some of our goat milk soaps, cheese, and artisanal crafts, please check out our online store or visit us in person.

Beekman1802.com is the hub of everything Beekman:

You can read articles about gardening, animals, decor, health, and food & wine (we share a lot of recipes.)

You can also read blogs from Brent, Josh, and our resident ghost – young Mary Beekman.

For those who watch The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you can get behind the scenes dirt in our Beyond Fabulous blog.

And we also feature other seasonally like-minded guest bloggers, and throw the occasional contest.

You can chat with other “BeekGeeks” in our forums.

And for those who just want to kick back, you can watch some of our slide shows and videos from around the farm.

And for the bare basic details, here are the pages for contacting us, Sharon Springs store info, upcoming events, and retail partners near you.

So we’re glad you found us. Please look around and let us know what you think. And please share any advice with us as well. We can all always be a little more fabulous.


Josh & Brent

by Josh and Brent

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I am so upset. I was reading on Wikipedia that there will be no Season 3 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

Linda L. Seidel

Dear Brent and Josh, I have enjoyed watching your show on the Green Network, and I also subscribe to your Facebook and Twitter pages. I also enjoy Polka Spot's tweets. 🙂 My birthday present request from my husband is for a copy of the new cook book. I have a "serious" cookbook problem, and I am eager to add your book to my collection and starting making some new, delicious recipes. I have been hoping to see when the next season of your show will be aired. Do you know that date? In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please keep blogging. Thank you. Linda L. Seidel

Dr. Brent

Hi, Linda

Williams-Sonoma is generally very well-organized with their signings. They have people line up in the order in which they arrive. There's usually between 100 and 200 people, but they always plan ahead. We've not had a situation where they've run out of books yet


I wanted to say how much I love you guys!! I started reading the Bucolic Plague and watching you on "Green" at the same time. It was like an addiction to see you guys and read the book. I passed it along to family and even my father is now addicted. Our family owns a horse farmette, and my sister and I are opening a bakery in the summer kitchen on the farm. This is an attempt to allow my parents to retire to enjoy the farm. It is also a dream to have something we can pass to our children. Please keep all posts on FB coming, articles in CL and all your love of Beekman. XOXOXO

Kathleen Smalling

I am loving the recipes in my November issue of Country Living Magazine. I hope you won't mind if I 'gently' borrow your recipes. Especially the Leek and Potato Gratin and the Brussels Sprouts with Bacon with Roasted Chestnuts. And let's not forget the delicious Cranberry and Dried Cherry Sauce.Truly a Farm Fresh Approach to Thanksgiving that I will be incorporating into my own Thanksgiving menu. Have a wonderful Holiday season!


I came upon The Fabulous Beekman Boys while channel surfing one day.

I am so hooked on your show, and all of your products.

Love to all in Sharon Springs, human and furry!

Cheryl Whitford

Dear Josh and Brent,

First of all Josh I just got finished reading your book "The Bucolic Plague" and so much enjoyed it. I just had back surgery in July and am still recovering from it. My husband has been great helping me with my recovery and has been there 100%. While helping me, we just found out last month he has cancer. He just started chemo and radiation treatments last week. The doctors feel very positive. Each morning I'd get up and read your book. I can't tell you how much I loved it and made me laugh countless times. I didn't want to put it down but relished it. It took my mind off of life for a while. Thank you for sharing your lives there in Sharon Springs. You're a great writer!

We both love your TV show and hope to see Season 3. We have bought some of your famous goats milk soap and cheese. We live in Oregon. My husband is from the east coast and we did move back to Connecticut for 3 years and moved back to Oregon. One of these days we hope to visit Sharon Springs. Please keep doing what you've been doing and wish you continued sucess!

-Cheryl Whitford

Dr. Brent

Hi, Cheryl

Thanks so much for your kind words. We'll be in Portland in November for a signing of the cookbook. We hope to see you there!

Fran M

Hi Brent and Josh! I was in a local bookstore this past weekend and came upon your book. I just finished this morning…this is a not-to-be put down read. Loved it!!! I am originally a Boston girl, Upstate NY for 2 years and then for the past 20 years living in North Carolina in a historic city which has long lost it's sparkle. I finally took the leap 4 years ago and purchased a neglected 1901 Victorian cottage and set to restoration. I hope I am making my ghosts happy. I have 4 rescue dogs, 2 cats, 5 chickens and a family of free-range lizards. A dream (most days) and much-needed reprieve from my corporate marketing job. You both will be my inspiration to get moving on my other ambitions of soap and cheese-making and someday moving back North to purchase a farm (more chickens and goats, yay!). I can't wait to get your DVD collection, so I can catch up and hopefully learn something! Thanks for pushing ahead against all your obstacles. Was truly moved by your warm-hearted story.


Brent & Josh

My son gave me an autographed copy of your cookbook for my birthday last week, he lives in Columbus we had been there the week before for a visit, found out you were going to be there for a book signing, was unable to come back to town so he got a copy for me LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Hope one day to be able to visit Sharon Springs meet both of you and see your wonderful farm.

By the way if you find your self in the Columbus area again my son owns Healthy Outlook a professional massage therapy and wellness center in Westerville, I'm sure I can get you a family discount. Love the way you inspire me Thank You.


Paula Spear

Has any decision been reached on whether or not there will be a Season 3? I can't imagine TV viewing w/o your wonderful show. Please return.

Deb C.

Your season finale was both a happy and sad episode! So happy to see a decision reached on your next chapter of your lives, sad to hear that Farmer John lost Dolly and sad that there may be no other upcoming shows (per your emailed update-great to see the behind the scenes photos.)

Still looking forward to visiting Sharon Springs this summer; perhaps on a lazy weekend meandering through the village and stopping by the Beekman 1802 shop and the American Hotel.

Enjoy the summer!


Kitty- the Llama Mam

I can honestly say, I started watching your show due to Polka Spots. There was a mini-marathon on TV, while we were flippling through channels and saw her. We own llamas or should I say, they own us. We are working towards our own farm, instead of managing a herd for someone else. You really made our morning watching you. Someday, we'll make our dream happen too. Keep up the great work.

Kitty- the Llama Mama

PS- We've worked with the Southeast Llama Rescue and run a llama show where the proceeds go to SELR. Several of our dearly loved llamas are rescues. Thanks for supporting NELR. It is such a wonderful cause.

deb C.

Still loving your show!!

The Easter basket with your onion jam and Beekman Heirloom seeds was a hit!!!

Hoping to visit Sharon Springs and your shop soon!!



Brent – Glad we got to meet you at the store when we stopped in today! Planning on reading the book tomorrow. We will definitely come back for one of the festivals.
– your two biggest fans from Chittenango, NY


I love your show. I haven't missed it since the first episode. I'm reading Josh's new book right now. I must say it was hard to stop reading, so that I could check out your website and Facebook page. Gotta go now. Time to get back to the book! ☺

Kelly De Laurentis

My g'friend Ginny turned me on to you guys. Now I watch the show, go upstairs and use your soap (she gave it to me) and then get in bed to read Josh's book ( gave this to me too). An entire night of Beekman. I love my g'friend Ginny and I love you guys too! ♥♥♥


Thanks for coming out to the Green Festival in San Francisco. You guys were great.


Just watched the "Store Wars" episode….can this show get any better!!! I laughed, I cried….I can't wait till next week's episode.

Holly Pape

Dear FBB's ~

My "fabulous" roommate turned me on to your show recently; it's now one of our favorite ways to spend time with each other and I'm "spreading the word" as you say!

Along with the myriad, fully-deserved compliments others have posted I must say I wish more television was as joyful and heartwarming as your show is. (This is coming from a jaded NYC gal!)

As a 'thank you' to my roomie, I'm planning an overnight in Sharon Springs for us within the next few months. Be well. 🙂

Trisha Bondy

Hey Guys-

Love the show, and both of you! We are from Michigan. Was planning on coming and staying at the American Hotel, but know it is booked for the Harvest Festival. So we will miss that, and come another time this summer. My 9 year old daughter just loves watching you both and Farmer John. She thinks Polka Spot is the bomb, her words!

See you later!! Spreading the message 🙂

Trisha, Brian and Katelyn

Victoria Torgrim

We discovered your show not long ago and now we never miss an episode! Love, love, love it!!! I also read Josh's vastly entertaining book. It was a delight.

Keep it up, boys!

Theresa M. Sorrell

Just love your show. Never a dull moment. It is now being taped so I do not miss any of your adventures. Gorgeous place you guys have. I think it is great that you all are following your dreams. Life is too short not too. Hopefully, someday I will get to that area. It looks beautiful and peaceful.

Pat G

I discovered your show a month or so ago and I wouldn't miss an episode for anything! I have a good friend that has now become a BeekGeek after I raved about it. I just received my order of soap and it is luscious. I could smell the wonderful scent before I took it from the mailbox! Love you guys…love the show!

Norie Kany

OK, watching 2nd season and if possible, it seems even better than season 1. I passed on my love of all things Beekman to my best friend and she passed it own to her friend. They will be coming to Sharon Springs and Beekman 1802 sometime this week and she and I will be coming in May. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Oh, and I want a Polka Spot t-shirt too. Hope you have stocked up by the time I get there.

Darcy K

Great show city home and lovely farm. I love to watch your show while I cook dinner. Can't wait to see more from the Fabulous Beekman Farm!

Love it!

Darcy K


You guys are the best. I can never get enough of your show. Although I watch every week, my friend has them taped from the very first and we have Fabulous Beekman Boys marathons. Josh, your books are keeping me entertained on rainy days. I never want them to end. Looking forward to your cheese. Waiting for you to restock Polka Spot T-shirts.