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From the very beginning, we called Beekman 1802 “a shared experiment in seasonal living.” There are already plenty of “ec0-green-sustainable-lifestyle-self-help-guru-experts” out there telling you how to live. We freely admit that we’re learning about life as we go, and we will learn more from you than you ever will from us.

We’ve already learned so much from each other in the comments sections of each post. So we wanted to add a home-page featured forum for people to send in their own posts. And by “people” we mean “you.” When space permits, we’ll feature guest posts in the main headline slide show on our front page – a perfect place for you to promote any project you’re working on.

So if you have anything you want to share about your own experiments in seasonal living – either tips, or observations, or poetry…whatever – please email your post to us at:

Be sure to include:

1. Your post – anywhere from 50-1000 words.

2. Your name.

3. 1-3 pictures to illustrate your post. (max size: 1MB each)

4. A photo of yourself to use as thumbnail icon

5. A short (65 word) bio, with a link to your website, or any other project you’d like us to promote in conjunction with your post.


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  • By: Delia D.

    A Dog for Dr, Brent
    Here is a wikipedia description of a dog that would be perfect for you, Dr. Brent. I hope if you get a dog for your birthday, it is a rescue dog.

    The Newfoundland is a Working dog. Newfoundlands can be black, brown, or black and white (Landseer). They were originally bred and used as a working dog for fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland, now part of Canada.[1][2] They are known for their giant size, tremendous strength, calm dispositions, and loyalty. Newfoundland dogs excel at water rescue/lifesaving because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet, and innate swimming abilities.

    Why is it your perfect dog?
    1. Living things from Newfoundland have amazing psychic abilities. That would be quite helpful on a farm, especially since you live with two divas.
    2. They are hard workers, just like you.
    3. Giant size, tremendous strength, muscular build, thick coat. What gay man wouldn’t like all that? Oops, sorry…. .
    4, Loyal.
    5. Calm disposition – again, you live with two divas. You need a calm dog.
    6. They have innate swimming abilities. You two could frolick in your pool.Maybe do some synchronized swimming?
    Josh, please please get Dr. Brent a puppy for his birthday. He’s been very very good this past year and he deserves one.

    Love, Delia

  • By: Delia

    How much plastic does it take to wash your hands?

    We are about to find out. Starting today, my husband will only wash his hands with soap from one of those plastic pump bottles that you can buy on sale for about $1. I will only wash my hands with my $20 (with postage & handling & tax, approximately) Beekman soap. I bet him that he will go through more than 20 plastic bottles, so my soap is a better bargain, and better for our earth, too.

    We'll see. By the way, we're recycling the same plastic pump bottle, but a lot of people buy a new plastic pump botttle every time they run out. We will refill ours with bulk liquid soap from our local food co-op.

    Will keep you posted.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      We love the experiment, Delia, but that's detergent your husband is using and not real soap. It may be cheaper and last longer, but you'll definitely have better skin!

      • By: Delia D.

        We are still doing our experiment. It seems like my bar of Beekman soap with honey is going to last forever. We have gone through at least four or five plastic pump bottles. I have lost track. Also, note to self: order more After the Sun soap. This Tucson sun is brutal on my skin! xxooooo. Love you guys. Go Team Beekman!

  • By: Delia

    Something that the Fabulous Beekman Boys gave back to me.

    I miss The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet green. After you went "off the air", I re-read Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird". One sentence resonated with me: "Neighbors bring food with death and flowers with sickness and little things in between."

    It reminded me of growing up in my little town of Milford, MA in the 50's and 60's. It also reminded me of Sharon Springs.

    After reading that, I tried to be a better neighbor. I welcomed the new family on my street in Davis, CA. I re-joined our neighborhood watch group, & took part in Davis' "Neighbors Night Out" potluck in the street.

    Thank you, Sharon Springs. What a nice early Christmas gift your little village gave to me.


  • By: Delia

    Thanksgiving 2011: two new dishes on my sister's table: Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook recipe-inspired cranberry & dried cherry sauce & maple-glazed candied yams. OMG the tart cranberries were superb with the not-too-sweet yams. Loved the very subtle kick of ancho chile powder with the yams. Both dishes were wonderful compliments to all my sister's traditional food. We took a few pics & hope to share them soon. Thank you, Beekman Heirloom Cookbook authors! And our family continues to drool over the photographs. Paulette Tavormina is a creative genius.

    Thank you!

    P.S. Our little town of Davis CA has so many wonderful things that make us proud. The UCD pepper spraying incident isn't one of them. Hope all Beek Geeks have a wonderful holiday season.

  • By: Nancy

    I am writing for my sister, Ona, who recently received your (signed) cook book . She wanted everyone to know how "elegant," "beautifully illustrated," and how "superbly planned" the book is. She also said that everyone involved, from purchase to mailing, was very courteous and helpful and a big thank you to all.

  • By: RAFIE

    I finished the TBP memoirs Yesterday (10/24/11) Morning before getting out of bed and heading out to work. Sigh! Beautiful Love Story!

    Magnifique writer's style, I love it!.

    Josh & Brent thanks for Sharing.


    Lancaster, PA.

  • By: RAFIE

    Hi All! Last night while sitting and waiting for the RN in shift to call my name I realized that I've left TBP at home, then I though; "if something happens to me tonight I wont be able to know the end of it…" A little dramatic right? but I guess that is what goes on ones head when voluntarily admitting to the ER room… so after coming out of the trauma room in one piece I though to myself; "I guess is time for me the brake the ice of fear and take the plunge into the world of blogging". OK here I go (((SPLASH)))) Brrr ! Hmm? actually not so bad… Hi my name is Rafael and I just reached page 226 this morning of The Bucolic Plague. A great and huge accomplishment for me since reading is one of the biggest challenges that I face, because when I read I transport myself too deep into the reading finding myself sort of daydreaming for too long, not to mention that reading has on me the same effect of that chemical found in Turkey meat that put you to sleep.

    I started it about 3 weeks ago reading your book and my goal is to finish it this weekend. I love when I'm reading it and suddenly I brake into a laugh or chuckle or an Aww!.. in public places not realizing of everyone around me … Not in a rush to finish it but I am eager to catch up and be part of the current and all around Beekman1802… So my goal is to make time out of my already overdrawn bank of time to make it happen… I Want to catch up in a chronological order so first comes the book. I'm allowing the wabi sabi in my writing to show alone the way tho. Cheers! Rafie

  • By: Delia

    "I/m With the Boys"

    Tomorrow is the big day. Josh & Brent will be in San Francisco, about an hour and a half from here. Is it weird to say I've been on a diet since I heard they're returning to my city? Is it odd to say I woke up early today, even though I have the day off, and can't stop thinking about what outfit I should wear? Am I more than just a Beek Geek? Have I become a 56 year old Beekman Groupie?

    Probably. One more day and I'll see them in person. I'm giddy, I can't wait. Should I camp out at the Ferry Building to get good seats? Okay, just kidding. Sort of…..

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Good to see you again, Delia. Abel has told me how helpful you have been in Skips absence. I so admire your compassion and your empathy

  • By: Jen

    Greetings from Pa. I just wanted to telling you I ordered your wonferful cookbook for all my friends for xmas. they came and I can't wait to try everything!!

    I am a avid gardener and canner. I grew alot of heirloom tomatoes this year some were 1 pound.

    I love your show and hope it will be on again,and remember when things are hard you guys are living a dream for some of us. And are so lucky to be living the dream be good to each other.

    I hope some day I get to visit sharon springs. I'm putting it on my bucket list.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Thanks so much for writing, Jen. So glad that you like the book! Can't wait to see what you cook up!

  • By: SHY Artist

    I received my BEEKMAN 1802 BLAAK wheels today Y U M M Y. Oh my the cheese is so wonderful. I was surprised that the black ash didn't scare off the kids from trying it but they did and they LOVED it too.

    Thank you, Brent, Josh, Farmer John and the goats and the cows.


    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, SHY

      SO glad that you like the cheese. It sounds like you are raising children with a wonderful sense of adventure and curiosity. Bravo!

  • By: Jim

    We are really excited to meet you both on saturday in Columbus!

  • By: Geri & Rocky McC

    We're doing the happy dance again!!! Look back to my desperate posts dated July 12-14th lamenting about how we missed the opportunity to get our Beekman tour tickets. Well, I kept checking back and today my prayers were answered!!! Hallelujah Jesus – we're goin' to the farm!!! Will be happy to bring a lil' sumpin' sumpin' to help out the folks in both NY and VT. Thanks again for everything Brent – look forward to meeting you, Josh, Farmer John, Polka & the goat gang…

  • By: Delia

    Summer Dessert

    Yesterday I rode my bike to the Davis Farmers' Market. Along the way we stopped to pick yellow plums that grow on the bike path. Then we bought triple crown blackberries.The farmer told me they're from Fairfield, about 30 minutes from here. Then we went to the local fruit stand & bought white peaches. I sliced the plums & peaches and tossed them with the berries in a tiny bit of simple, light syrup: warm water & Beekman 1802 Creamed Rosemary Honey.

    I'm waiting for the pastry crust to cool on the kitchen window sill. I'll place the fruit into the crust. As it cools, the summer breeze wafts into my kitchen; there's a wonderful buttery aroma. I think I'll pick a lime from the dwarf lime tree on the porch, and zest it on the fruit. Life is good today. Bon appetit.

  • By: Delia

    Why I'm looking for Northern CA goat cheese.

    "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" the little poster says. It hangs in my kitchen by my back door, reminding me to support the central coast farmers market. It was mailed to me because of my job. It's really pretty. I try to remember. But then the fabulous boys came along, and all that went out my window. I was determined to buy a wheel of Blaak. Last year, when I discovered there was a waiting list, I asked my local grocery store manager if his "cheese guy" (found out he watches Planet Green, too, & loves the boys) could order me some? The cheese guy called me at work at few days later. "Sorry, we can't get it, either. There's a waiting list!"

    Okay, Delia. Be happy with your soaps & jam & cajeta & books & tee shirts & move on. I went to my favorite store, grabbed a pretty package of goat cheese. I didn't even read the label. It was so provincial-looking, so pretty, I was sure it must be from the wine country somewhere nearby. I bought it and made do with my flatbread with blaak onion jam. Then I used it in my homemade mac & cheese for my daughter, patting myself on the back the whole time. I'm buying fresh, I'm buying local! I'm being politically foodie correct! I bought it again, wrapped a dab of it around my old lab's medicine. Even my dog was cool, eating local goat cheese! I bought it again. As I was unloading the groceries in my kitchen, I absentmindedly turned over the package. My precious local cheese was made in Lancaster, Wisconsin. (I guess Northern CA does not have the market cornered on beautiful packaging.) Guess I'll continue to order all my other Beekman stuff, but I better find some local goat cheese soon…

  • By: Cathy Hiller

    Just to let you know the "65" year old Cathy with a "C" not a "K" received a wonderful array of Beekman Boys items for her birthday! Including an autographed book!!! Being "65" is actually OK; especially when you have a dear friend Jane that showers you with such special treats!!! You certainly helped make my day!

  • By: Delia DD

    Dear sweet Dr. Brent,

    I noticed the Landreth flower seeds aren't listed any longer on your shopping page. Just wanted to tell you I've been sneaking them onto an ugly empty field near my house. I haven't been faithful about watering them, but to my happy surprise the purple hollyhocks survived & are stunning. I'll send you a photo sometime. Thank you, Landreth Seed Company, for beautifying my neighborhood. I hope the owner of the field won't be mad if he ever finds out I was on his property. Everyone uses the field to cut across to the greenbelt to walk their dogs/kids/selves. I wanted to make their walk a prettier experience. Hope your summer is going well.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      The hollyhock nigra is beautiful, Delia. We are sold out for the season, but the seeds will return at the first of the year

  • By: Geri & Rocky McC

    We'll be there… I'm still incredibly disappointed, but the tears have finally dried. If it's at all possible to be added to that wait list – we'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to both read and reply.

  • By: Geri & Rocky McC

    Dear Brent,

    Oh my goodness! I'm hoping beyond hope that you just might remember us…

    We've been fans fm the very start & wrote you (& registered for e-newsletter) the same night last winter that last year's Fall Fest episode aired. You even replied to us and listed our post on your home page's "Recent Posts".

    OUR STORY: We are driving to Vermont this fall from Chicago and were making Sharon Springs our first stop specifically b/c of you & Josh! We were so happy to learn that our planned arrival date just happened to be Fall Fest Saturday! (INSERT HAPPY DANCE!)

    Now imagine my utter dismay when I realized today that we missed the chance for tickets to the farm tour! These words alone pain me. We got the newsletter, but just TODAY as our computer took a powder right about the time the e-letter was sent. We were then side-tracked with a lengthy battle against a raccoon infestation in our home.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm just heartsick and about to cry at the thought that we will be in SS, but will not get to visit the farm. We are huge animal lovers and were so looking forward to this HIGHLIGHT to BEGIN our vacation. I realize that you're incredibly busy, but I wonder if there's any way that you can look back to verify that what I'm saying is true… And if there is any possible way to still secure two tix. I know this is such a long-shot, but I'm heartbroken and can't just sit by and do nothing…

    Thank you for taking the time to read this Brent.

    • By: Dr. Brent


      There's already a long waiting list for tickets should people cancel; however, we will be doing a book signing of the new cookbook that evening. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • By: Diana Binkowski

    I was up in Sharon Springs on June 29 to visit my aunt. I stopped into the shop and bought Josh's book about how Beekman 1802 started. I loved it and the shop. I'm coming back up in Sept. for the Harvest Festival. Now, that's an 800 mile trip (from East Tn.) each way so it cetianly must be worth it. Keep up the good work and love the country life. Success to you both.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Thanks, Diana. We look forward to seeing you in Sharon Springs again!

  • By: Delia

    P.S. I bought your spicy cajeta for the first time, there in Mill Valley. It was so good, it made me forget what a klutz I am!

  • By: Delia

    Your sicy cajeta is so yummy. Reminds me of the 2nd time I met Josh. He sent a last minute facebook post that he would be in Tyler Florence's new restaurant in Mill Vally, CA on a Saturday afternoon. I was driving to San Rafael, which is close by, so thought I'd stop by there, with much trepidation. Whenever I'm in Marin county, I feel like a fish out of water. The people are nice, it's not them, it's me. I just feel out of place. I drove to Mill Valley and found the restaurant. It was closed. I went into the wine bar, and a row of handsome men were neatly folding perfectly starched white linen napkins. They looked really busy. I then proceeded to bump into a pretty metal decorative object on the floor at the entrance to the patio. It looked like a bin of some kind. I knocked it over, the clang was deafening. They all pretended to be busy with their napkins and not glare at me. (The people really are nice there. So why do I feel so out of place?) I showed a nice man my Iphone with Josh's invitation that said he'd be at the restaurant in the afternoon. The nice man directed me to another boutique, where a nice lady (who referred to Josh & Brent as "the Beekman Brothers"-I had to giggle!) who directed me down a little alley, out to a winding street, and into Tyler Florence's cute little shop. There was Josh. By then I just wanted to high tail it outa there, I was feeling like all I wanted was my emergency stash of Yellow American Spirits that I hide in the sunglass holder in my acura. But I went inside, talked to him for a few minutes, and went on my way to San Rafael.

  • By: Sue

    Dear Josh and Brent,

    I came upon your show through "On Demand" via our cable provider. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Your banter is very entertaining. Unfortunately, our cable provider made your show no longer accessable because Planet Green is a premium channel and when they realized that they were giving a few shows away for free (God Forbid!), they pulled it away from me as quickly as they got me hooked! I am considering paying the extra $5 per month just to see what you guys have been up to lately.

    I was so intruiged by your story of following your dream that I took Josh's book out at the library. Josh, you will be glad to know that there is a wait time for your book in the Atlanta/Fulton Library System. I enjoyed your book very much. Thanks to both of you for being a bright shining light in the world of Reality TV.


    • By: Dr. Brent

      Thanks, Sue

      It might be cheaper for you to download the episodes you haven't seen from iTunes

  • By: Delia DD

    What to buy my daughter for a housewarming gift for her first apartment? Beekman products, of course. What to do to ease the pain of watching her take those first flights out of the nest? I guess only time will help.

    We did the walk through for her place yesterday. She'll have two roommates. It's walking distance to campus in a super safe neighborhood, according to the super cute man with two acqua earrings that walked through with us, then handed HER the keys. Built in the 50's (silly Californians call that "old and charming"). Hardwood floors throughout, a tiny gas range, ceiling fans, no a.c. Beautiful view of the common area/flower garden from her living room, beautiful view of the pretty street from her kitchen. In my humble opinion, located in the most (nearly) perfect city in America.

    She lived in the dorms last year, so I didn't worry as much. Now, she really is out on her own.

    My heart is heavy today. I'm proud of her, but a little scared and confused: how did 19 years pass so damned fast?

    Get out the tissues, and the Beekman shopping cart.

    Goodbye my little girl, hello young woman.

  • By: Delia DD

    Today I finally found a perfect soap dish for my After the Sun Soap. And now I can buy bigger bars of Beekman, too.

    I like to recycle things when possible. So I've searched thrift stores for the past year. Never saw a soap dish I loved. Bought one that worked, but not what I really wanted.

    Today, it appeared. Not in my local thrift stores. In our food co-op. I rarely look at the household items there. (They are kind of expensive.) But I'm home on a staycation, and had time to roam. I saw a shelf with pretty stone soap dishes from India. I held my breath, turned one over, and it was $10.99. It was large and carved with a pretty cut out design. The carved top sat on a separate piece of stone, to allow the soap to drain off. It's a mixture of colors: sandstone, pale pink, chocolate brown, heather grey.

    I can't wait to order a larger size of soap now, and slice it into pretty pieces. I adore my Beekman soap, and the new soap dish that will be its home. Sometimes the little things in life make us so happy!

  • By: Debi Vickers

    oops do forgive my typo's as I do not like in a perfect world but would love to.

  • By: Debi Vickers

    I so enjoy your show and decided that after I am well enough to travel that far from Fl would love to plan a visit to Sharon Springs and the Beekman.Itwill take a long time in today's current economic conditions, so I imagine I am there when I watch your show or visit the blogs. I just finished "The Bucolic Plague" it was so fun and really encouraged me that I came try and find a job out in the work force soon after a year off due to recovery.Tootles ":"

  • By: Sharon Bell

    Absolutely love the show! What I love even more is the supportive, loving relationship you two have. Your show came out about the same time my nephew did. As you can imagine, there are not a lot of role models for gay teens in small town Mississippi. You two have given him positive examples of a long term relationship. He has gone from believing that, because he is gay, he can never have a true partnership for the long term to believing that someday gay marriage will be legal everywhere and that he also deserves a loving partner and equal rights. I am raising my nephew. As his 'mother', I thank you both.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Thanks for the wonderful message, Sharon. We are so proud to be a part of your life and the life of your nephew. What a privilege!

  • By: DeliaDD

    Recipe from Bottega by Michael Chiarello/Chronicle Books, 2010.

    Roasted Beet Salad with Blue Cheese Cream and Pistachio Vinaigrette

    I didn't write this recipe review but it sounded soooo yummy I had to share the website with the beek geeks that are foodies like me. And let me know if you like it!


    "You may think you’ve had every beet salad, but this one is different. First, roasting the beets in white wine gives them another layer of flavor; second, a blue cheese cream and an outstanding creamy pistachio vinaigrette let you come back to the beet salad without the slightest chance of boredom.

    I think this vinaigrette is possibly the best dressing I’ve ever tasted anywhere. You can use it on many different salads.

    Roast the beets the morning you plan to make this, and make the blue cheese cream and pistachio vinaigrette the day before, if you like. If the vinaigrette separates overnight in the refrigerator, use an immersion blender or standard blender to bring it back together just before serving."

    Recipe from Bottega by Michael Chiarello/Chronicle Books, 2010.

    Read More

  • By: teri tighe

    So glad you got to meet them, Delia. They do make you tongue tied and nervous, don't they? I think by the 3rd or 4th time, you'll be good.

  • By: DeliaDD

    The Day I met the Boys

    Sorry if this sounds like the story of when JKP met Martha. It's just that in my world, Dr.B and JKP ARE Martha.

    Saturday, 4-9-11 is finally here. I wake up hubby & talk him into coming with me. He'll watch his taped Formula1 qualifying race later on. He'll visit the Ferrari store in SF instead, grab some bread later on at Tartine. He's happy. I carefully put on my LLama Drama tee & don't spill my fairtrade coffee from Maria's coffee beans on it. (Hubby is such a java fanatic, he air pops/roasts his own beans.) We get in the car & make really good time. The baseball game in the city is scheduled for the evening, so the traffic on the westbound 80 is light. We meet my daughter & her friend, then plug the address in our GPS. I'm too giddy; I select Avenue rather than Street. After a tiny mishap, we get to the Green Festival. I want to put down all my stuff, get myself straightened out, brush my new haircut (thank you, Lloyd, for the cut)& get in the front row for the boys. However, as we walk to the main stage, my daughter says, "Mom, look, they are right over there, in that booth!" I tell her, "Stop kidding around, it's not funny, I have to get to the main stage & get a good seat." "Mom, I'm not kidding, it's Brent & Josh, they're right over there in that booth!"

    OMG, she was right. No time to brush my hair, no time to gather my thoughts. They were standing 10 feet away from me, IN PERSON. OMG, Delia, here is your chance. Show them the pic of Daniela as a child in her elementary school organic garden. Tell Dr. B to let JKP have his morning coffee without nagging him. Tell them, especially, "Thank you for all the laughter you've given my family." Tell them! I remember to take out my Michael's coupon I wanted to give Dr. B. I remember to take my books out of my bag. Then we make eye contact, and I freeze. What was I going to tell them? I remember to take out my grandma's hand tatted lace apron from the 1800's. They like old things from the 1800's, right?

    I mumble something about "1800's, hand made lace, 1800's…."

    I feel like a fool but I am so happy that they hugged me.

    They sign my books, they sign my extra Michael's coupon, my daughter gets many pics. I am on cloud 9.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      We loved meeting your family. That apron is a true heirloom treasure

  • By: Beverly

    LOVE your show!!! I'm a housewife and mother I get enjoyment watching all of you, plus learn alot about the products and animals. Thank you for a good clean fun reality show.

  • By: Cheryl

    We have a road side farm stand that we will be selling our fresh vegtables and herbs. Our farm is all natural and I would love to sell some of your homemade soaps, if it is ok with you. Hopefully next year I will be able to add a variety of canned goods as well.

  • By: Cheryl

    I love you guys!!! My husband, 6 year old son and myself just started a small local farm in Mass. I work full time and my husband is trying to get the farm up and running. You really inspire me to kick it up a knotch. Thank you for being YOU!

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Cheryl. Good luck! Let's continue to share support and advice with one another!

  • By: paige sprenkel

    dr. brent–what garden party festival???????? should i start planning a vacation?? paige

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Yes, Paige! Our second-annual Garden Party Festival in Sharon Springs will be Memorial Day weekend. It helps usher in the planting season

  • By: Norie Kany

    Absolutely fell in love with you, Farmer John and of course, the goats and llama last summer when I came upon your show. Have planned a vacation to NH to see my sweet old friend (86 yrs) and then she and I are coming to see Sharon Springs, stay at the American Hotel and hopefully catch a chance at speak with you and Josh at the Merchantile. At the very least we will buy up some soap and cheese and cruise by the farm to at least see it from afar in person. hopefully May will be a beautiful time of year in Sharon Springs. Can't wait!!!

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Norie

      We look forward to seeing you in Sharon Springs!! I hope your visit falls during the Garden Party Festival Memorial Day Weekend

  • By: edie

    Great job and best wish's with all your adventures. Love the web site. Hope to visit your shop next weekend. After receiving your soap for Christmas can not wait for more. Is the black cheese avaiable at the shop?

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Edie

      We look forward to seeing you in Sharon Springs. We do have a few small wheels of Blaak left at the Mercantile. We've almost sold out for the season

  • By: Donna

    In the mail this morning, I received a most beautiful box of "Beekman 1802 BACK PORCH Collection" goat milk soap. The soap is my Christmas present from my beloved sister, Sheila. Thank you so much, Sister.

    I don't quite know how to describe the soap other than it is PERFECT…it smells and feels perfect. Thank you Fabulous Beekman Boys.

  • By: liz roe

    I'm a Michigan State grad and was so happy to learn that Josh was, too! Spartans always do well. 🙂

    My whole family loves your show and we love your philosophy of supporting local commerce/farming. My two daughters adore Polka Spot and Farmer John, and my husband and I say frequently that you're the neighbors we've always wanted! Glad to see the show renewed for another season!

  • By: Cheryl Belle

    The Victorian Christmas Saturday past was delightful! Even though each shop was crowded, and there were no seats to be had at the Black Cat, everyone was patient, very friendly and truly in the holiday spirit. It was fun to see so many in period dress…Sharon Springs was a classy place in the day! Many thanks to the organizers. Please take the rest of the year off, then start planning for next year! I purchased December soap at your shop. I left it on an end table overnight and when I came down in the morning the scent made me think someone had decorated the room. Delightful! Happy Christmas!

  • By: Lori Enright

    Hello boys….love your farm, your show, your life!!!!! My favorite episode is when you get your pigs – what a hoot! I raise a rare breed of small heritage hogs called Kunekune Pigs. They are from New Zealand and very unique in their ability to do well on grass alone, not prone to root. They would fit your farm fabulously and both of you would love them for their sweet temperament, charming looks, and great quality pork. If you're ever out in California, look me up. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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