A Collection of travel related vintage treasures.
Photography by Adam Milliron


Jodi Hilliard is the official buyer for the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection. She shares regular posts about her finds and using them in your lifestyle.

I love to travel to both U.S. and international destinations, especially on adventures to places I’ve never been. And, of course, I always do a little research ahead of my trips to see if there will be opportunities for visiting local flea markets and antique stores along the way. It always makes the trip a little more exciting when I come home with great “picks” to share with you!

The Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection’s travel inspired assemblage is comprised of nifty finds such as a globe, atlas, flask and metal boxes–not to mention a handful of stylish bow ties. I absolutely love the industrial look of the various boxes and all of the colorful maps inside the 1968 Rand McNally Atlas.

Arrive in style!
Arrive in style!
Perfect for storage (like your passport) or decor!
Perfect for storage (like your passport!) or decor!
Take a spin around the world with this vintage desk globe!
Take a spin around the world with this vintage desk globe!



My favorite piece of the travel assemblage is the Argus Seventy-five camera. It appears to be in working condition (although I don’t have any 620 film on hand to be sure) and sports a great retro look with flip up view window. The camera body is Bakelite and features a handy tripod thread on the bottom for steady photography.

Say cheese!
Say cheese!


You can check out the travel related items along with all the other great Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection listings by clicking here. Act fast—because these vintage gems are sure to take off!


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by Jodi Hilliard

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