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Hi! I’m Jodi – the Curator of the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection. I pick, clean up (best I can), photograph, list and ship every piece of the Vintage Collection. I dig deep at flea markets and various sales to find vintage treasures to share with you.

For me, picking is a worthwhile labor of love. It is so rewarding to breath life into something old, save it from being discarded and find someone new to re-love it. Also, I enjoy helping people reconnect with the past – curating items that bridge memories of special times, people or places is a great way to honor our personal history. And, of course, I absolutely love to decorate with vintage items; mixing old and new

by Jodi Hilliard

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My hubby is also a picker. He loves rescuing treasures, restoring things, researching, & finding new homes for “stuff!” Often times he thinks he needs to keep things-that’s when we get into trouble. Looking forward to your blogs. I’ll share them with my hubs!


You are awesome, and you do an awesome job! Josh and Brent are lucky to have you, and visa-versa! You couldn’t work for two nicer guys! Keep up the great work, and I thank you for all you do.