Ah…Valentine’s Day in Sharon Springs. Who will be ours?

We snuck around early this morning leaving anonymous Valentine’s Day Cards for our neighboring business owners in the village of Sharon Springs. Each of the Valentines had small “Hello Kitty” temporary tattoos attached.

If you’re shopping around the village this weekend (and if you’re not, why not?) ask all the shopkeepers to show you their tattoo…that way you’ll know if they’ve agreed to be our Valentine. (Fair warning: This is Sharon Springs. We cannot guarantee exactly where that tattoo will be placed on their bodies.)

In the spirit of those terrible puns on your childhood Valentines, we “painted the town Red” on our Valentine’s Day blitz. Check it out:


by Josh and Brent

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Beverly Nan Murphy

Sweet things. Here’s one from my childhood days in Kennebunkport, Maine. Hang a home made May basket on the doorknob, construction paper cone (preferably in spring green color), with ribbon handle. May flowers or/and tiny sweets tidbits. At 6 yrs of age, you knock on door and wait til opened, then run. Recipient is supposed to chase donor and bestow a kiss. NOW I wouldn’t run. : ) Heheheh! xx

Cheryl Koflan

You guys come up with the funnest ideas… nice quips… just love you two, because you always make me smile… hoping that cupid was nice to both of you.

Marie Chilcote

That’s what I was thinking; you guys are really busy!! And you’re so good to each other.
I had a Doctors appt. today (fasting) so when I returned home my sweet Valentine had a big pot of chicken noodle soup ready for me hot on the stove. My Valentine is my Valentine every day of the year!!!


You guys are so much fun. I just might come up shopping this weekend. I want one of your Beekman scarves!


Isn’t it wonderful that you have all of these great friends and neighbors to give Valentines to? It wasn’t that long ago that they were all strangers and look what has happened. Surely, it was meant to be!!


That sounds like so much fun! Happy Valentines Day to the both of you 🙂 BUT Now everyone knows it was you two !!

Terry Allison

You two sure know how to have so much fun. I love what you have done with the Farm, the Shop and now with helping out the Town. It makes me want to move to Sharon Springs, just to be part of it……and I live in Oregon. Continued love and good wishes to you both!

Bev Nan Murphy

Luvely. Do you guys know about the May Basket tradition. When a kid in Kennbunkport,We
d weave a cone basket out of construction paper strips, fill with flowers (mostly found weeds from the field) with maybe a candy treat and leave on doorknob of a “crush”. BUT, you would knock on the door and when opened, the giftor would run, hoping to be chased and given a May Day kiss. Always thought it lucky if I got chased be the giftee. I was 6.