One of life’s most memorable experiences (for proud parents) is the first haircut.  Now that Josh is a full-time resident in Sharon Springs, we thought it was time to introduce him to the town barbershop.

Keith Mallery is the barber in Sharon Springs.  His father was the town barber before him.  Keith worked in the historic Shaorn Springs bathhouses as a teenager. Now at 81 years old he is as precise with the blades as ever. When he is not running the shop, he is taking care of his wife and his mother who is 104 and has lived in Sharon Springs her entire life!


Tell us what you love about your town barber or beauty salon in the comments section below

by Dr. Brent

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Linda Musante

My husband’s barber was named Bruno, and he would go for a haircut every three weeks, like clockwork. He said the barber was cheaper than a therapist!

Loved this story!

Cathy Runkle

Brent Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful article! Did anyone else notice…48 Stars on The American Flag, that shows you how old it is! Dave will love to stop in and get a haircut when were are in town next month. I am currently growing my hair long to give to a charity for cancer patients. Now I know who will do my next haircut in the Fall! Who gets to play pool?

Linda Rice

The barber shop is a wonderful reminder of what was. And Josh never looked better! And all for just $10! What more could you ask for. Love to you both.

Paula Kesner

Loved the barber shop. As a kid I would go with my Dad to the Barber shop I loved going. Later when I grow up I start to go. Now I am almost 60 and found a Barber that I love and cuts my hair the way I want… Yes I am a girl… LOL Love and Miss you guys so much. Asked our Cable to get the channel. Before I never missed a show. Also ordered the seed starter maker.. Plus some other stuff…. Really want to come to visit Sharon Spring and the Farm but can’t travel to get there…


By the way, he did a great job on Josh! And only $10! Can’t get that in New York, I’m sure!


What a treasure of a small-town antique barber shop! Its like looking at Norman Rockwell pictures! And still going strong and barbering and taking care of his mother at 81? Fantastic!! Wish I had his genes! What a treasure-chest of memories he and his 104-year-old mother must hold! Just awesome! And that old Coke machine?? What memories that brings back! Wish it was in my kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing Keith Mallery and his barber shop with us! Makes me ache even more to live there!


Such a great little tour of the barber shop! And Josh looks different without his glasses on. (A good different!)