In fashion, what goes around comes around.  Over the last several years we’ve seen beards come back into vogue, peasant tops billow once again, and wellies (we call them muck boots) walk the runways.

Pocket squares in all prints and configurations have helped men add a little pop of color and personality, too, but what hasn’t made a comeback is the simple boutonniere (even though many fine suits and sport coats still feature the stitching for one on the lapel)

We’ve vowed to do what we can to make the boutonniere fashionable again.  Every public appearance we do in 2015, we are going to pluck something from the gardens at Beekman 1802 and re-plant it on our label.

If you are a fashionable gent and plan to cross paths with us sometime this year, here’s how you can make your own.



You can cut the ribbon here, or – as we did – make an extra little flourish with your ribbon by pinching a small loop at the base of your foliage, and pinning it in place with a corsage pin. Pin upward at a diagonal angle, being careful not to poke your buds with the end of the pin.  We used an over-sized safety pin because we wanted a steampunk/industrial look, but you could use any sort of decorative pin that like.

To see where we are making public appearances around the country, click here for the Facebook listing of our events!

by Josh and Brent

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