With Josh and Brent back at the Beekman Farm for Thanksgiving, we got a look into what the farm looks like, what was on the dinner table for the feast and inspiration for your next gathering – all from the pages of Facebook and Instagram.

by Aray Till

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Samantha Craig

By the way from your book I learned that goats taste everything and then spit it out if they don’t like it.
So what in this photo does Miss Goat really eat?

Samantha Craig

I love the goat and cornucopia photo, as well as the Beekman and The Tree.
I’m so glad I found my way to the blogs and photos.
Thank you fellas for putting more than just wonderful skin and hair care from the mercantile via Evine in my life so far…..

Annette Siegel

Hi Josh and Brent I want to let you know I love your products.. and been a fan for many years..I recently purchased your country cookie jar the goat, pig and rooster. When i seen it on Evine I had to have it . It arrived damaged no problem sending it back for a replacement (things happen ). I purchased another . This came in and the lid is to small and will not sit p roperly on the jar base and the rooster’s head was chipped and they glazed over the chip. I am upset because it has to be returned again . I just wanted to inform you and don’t know if you are getting any feed back on this particular cookie jar. Sincerely Annette

Gina Aspacher

How fun and festive!!!! ❤️. Sharing all the time because your products are the best. Thank you.