Because we feature so many great titles in our Beekman 1802 Almanac Magazine, our library grows daily with advance copies of books that are coming out in the next 6 months. With January and February being the last big reading months on the farm, we’re taking advantage of it and catching up on our reading and planning for the season ahead.

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We are in full prep mode for the arrival of Spring and anyone that knows us, know that we grow our own food on the farm. Growing your own food is exciting, but figuring out how to make the most of your produce can be daunting. In GROW COOK NOURISH, Darina takes you through an extensive list of vegetables, herbs, and fruits with each entry including explanations of different varieties, practical information on cultivation, growing, and maintenance, and instructions for the best ways to cook the produce as well as preserve it.

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Of the 25,000 known species of bee worldwide, only seven species are honeybees. PLANTING FOR HONEYBEES shows you how you can help these delightful pollinators to flourish by creating a garden as habitat for them. No matter how small or large your space – from a window ledge in the city to a country garden – Sarah Wyndham Lewis offers practical advice on which plants to grow and when and where to plant them. Charmingly illustrated with delicate drawings, this a jewel of a guide that we’ll keep referring back to time after time on the farm.

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It has been a bit cold this season and one way we’ve been beating the winter blues has been by flipping through THE COCKTAIL GARDEN, beautifully illustrated by internationally-renowned artist Adriana Picker. From summery raspberries and rich figs to citrus and white peaches, apples and pineapples, and infusions using a riot of herbs – basil and thyme, to sage and lavender and other flavors found in the garden. There are drinks for long hot summer afternoons spent among flowers in the garden; wine spritzers for breezy evenings on the back porch; champagne cocktails for celebrations under the apple tree; nightcaps for wintry nights by the fireside; and fruity party punches for that garden party gathering with style.

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Are we the only ones who itch to declutter and tidy up things around the house when you’re stuck inside during the cold winter months? We like to take advantage of the time we are home during this time by getting a head start on spring cleaning. Tidying presents opportunities, to not only transform the spaces around us, but also to free the mind of daily stresses. This inspirational book simplifies the art of tidying, and reveals the benefits you will experience from getting yourself in order. Clean up your act, rid yourself of mental clutter, and gain control through motivating quotes, practical tips, and simple exercises. THE LITTLE BOOK OF TIDINESS will teach you how to make the most of less.

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Brent has an incredible idea for the upstairs of the Mercantile (more on that in a later post) and the amount of plant/gardening specific books we have on our long dining room table grows by the day (see what I did there?). One of the books is LIVING WITH PLANTS. It will teach you how to create bespoke beautiful botanics for your home, your office or a Mercantile. Offering you over 30 innovative projects, you will be guided on the different ways you can green-up your living space: from moss wall hangings, potted plants, air plants, water plants, hanging baskets, terrariums, and more. Each project can be adapted to use equipment you already have at home, as well as teaching you ways you can upcycle your own pots, containers, plant stands, and wall hangings. After you read the book, tell us which of the projects should you think Brent wants to do at the upstairs of the Mercantile.

Buy it on Amazon >> Living with Plants: A Guide to Indoor Gardening

by Josh and Brent

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Tracy Ayers

I just finished reading The Bucolic Plague and absolutely loved it! Heartwarming, passionate, and had me cracking up (that hardly ever happens, lol). It was so well written that I felt I was right there with you the entire time. And I just received the little book of Tidiness at your suggestion and absolutely love that too – thought provoking and gets the gears grinding, and is just a rather amazing little book. Thank-you for all you do to spread happiness and love to each one of us thru your website and Evine.

Laura Campbell

I really enjoyed your book the Bucolic Plague.I got it when I ordered the bounty box at Christmas.I read it when the weather was so cold and snowy.i could not put it made me laugh and also felt a little sad at times but overall I liked the humor of it.