We always have a great time visiting Country Living Magazine Fairs, and this year’s Atlanta Fair was as festive and fun as ever. For whatever reason, the crowd that comes to our cooking demos there always bring out the best (and most mischievous) in us. This year we led an impromptu model walk parade during the demo, invited Atlanta’s youngest “SWAT” team member onstage to help us fill lasagna rolls, and gossiped about the Amazing Race. (Don’t worry, CBS, we didn’t give away any spoilers!)

This year we also had the great opportunity to visit the Morningside Farmers’ Market, the city’s only certified organic farmers’ market, and also one of its oldest. And a previous season’s Amazing Racer stopped by to chat. Check out the slideshow to read more about our trip. (We weren’t able to capture the information of all the shots of vendors’ wares that we took. If you have additional information, please share in the comment section below.)

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Michael Gliebe

Atlanta is a great foodie city. I hope you got a tasty dinner while in town. The fair was tons of fun as always. I was happy to see you boys had lots of fans buying your cookbook again this year! I just cooked the veggie soup tonight! It was sooooo good! You should be very proud of that book! Its full of great recipes! I was happy to see your photo of Glittermoon’s wreath! Almost bought one, and wish I had! Can’t wait to see how the Amazing Race turns out! Glad to hear you weathered the storm!

FOLK Magazine Contributing Blogger Beth

Josh and Brent, it was SO great to meet you guys at the Fair and get the Christmas copy of FOLK magazine signed by you guys. I braved that long line that was nearly wrapped around the pavilion just to meet you and it was so worth it. 🙂 Your smiling faces make a perfect addition to FOLK magazine. Thanks so much for all you guys do!

So glad you are safe after the hurricane.


Wow! The day looks like so much FUN!!! 🙂 I like the baskets 🙂 And the cinnamon stick picture, combination table, the signs, fresh produce, the people… and everything! 😀 Thanks for sharing, Josh and Dr. Brent!

Bettye Franklin

I have one of the Combo tables, and love it. I was told that it was used in a bakery. Prepare pies, breads, etc on the table, and display your finished goods on the staggered shelves. You didn’t need as much floor space for your prep area. Great idea… beautiful piece of furniture.


pic #35….that was made from an old propane tank…….great pics of the event and it bet it was fun 😉


decorative dish was a propane tank? and def. would have gone with the choc sea salt pop.


That propane, cum decorative dish, is FAN-TAS-TIC!! Glad you two had such a great time in my home state.

Teri Tighe

Thanks for the great pictures. I love farmers markets and fairs, so many talented people and great fruit and veggies. Wouldn’t it be great to find markets within a 50 mile radius and visit them all?