Autumn begins at the Beekman
Autumn begins at the Beekman

The title of this blog entry is more appropriately “At” than “To & From” since I stayed at the farm this entire week.   Since my mom and grandmother are coming to visit, I’ve been doing everything a boy has to do to prepare:  sweep up cluster flies, scrub the bathrooms, clean behind my ears, give the goats a bath…

The work is never done.

Just in case it went into your email’s spam file, we just wanted you to know that we sent out the first seasonal newsletter from BEEKMAN 1802. And to thank all of you who were so helpful in helping us launch this little seasonal experiment, we included a special coupon for 15% off any order through Oct 9.  Just type “THANKS” in the coupon code area when you order.

To give you some hint of the special features we include in the newsletter (you can get on the mailing list by subscribing to the site), here’s our little homage to our summer’s favorite show-stoppers. (For a larger resolution version, click on the arrow on the upper right of the frame.) Time to say goodbye:

by Dr. Brent

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Thank you for these gorgeous photo's and music.

Ahh, the sound of metal lids popping on Ball mason jars. Autumn has arrived, even in CA. Bless you both.

Liz Bello

Josh and Brent

I am so so happy for both of you for living on your dream.

I know how much work you two are putting into the farm and to your business.

Stay healthy and fabulous.

I thank you for sharing your flower garden, I enjoyed it. I hope someday when i am in Sharon Spring i can go see the flower garden in person. I wish to see you guys and meet you both. I do respect your privacy and I will try to find away to get to your public appearances in town.

I read some of your blogs…I salute both of you for responding, to me it seems all of them.

Take care of yourselves…make time for each other.

Keep the love alive…Liz