Question #1: What are ways to combat dry, flaky winter skin?

There’s no amount of body cream that will give you smooth, hydrated skin all winter long unless you have a good nutritional foundation. Start with adding healthy fats and fatty acids to your diet. Fatty acids omega 3 and 6 are found in walnuts, wild rice and certain types of fish. Monounsaturated fats are the kind found in avocados, almonds, cashews and cooking oils like olive, canola, and sesame. These fats maintain the water level in your cells and keep the lipids in your skin plump. They also help your body process other nutrients your skin needs, like Vitamin E.

For Vitamins, focus on A, C, and E. These are all antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and UV rays (which is important, even in the winter time.) Separately, Vitamin A helps with collagen production, Vitamin C repairs dry skin, and Vitamin E helps maintain your skin’s moisture. You can find these vitamins in many winter staples, like pumpkin, butternut squash, and winter greens.

Once you have built a good foundation, now it’s time to add the lotions and potions. Remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Before you leave the house, after you get out of the shower, before you head to bed.

When we developed our Triple Milk skin care, we took the same approach of working from the inside out. Nutrients like Vitamin E and healthy sources of fat like olive oil not only do great work on your insides, but they help your outsides hydrated and healthy. A base of three milks (coconut milk, milk protein, and goat milk) pull double-duty to clean while providing plenty of hydration.

Question #2: I always get a ‘Rudolph’ nose when I have a cold. Any tips on how to not look sick when you feel sick?

We know how it goes. You know you need to get as much rest as you can when you’re sick, but school drop-offs, grocery shopping and chores in and out of the house take precedent. When it comes to that rubbed-raw nose look, you need something that moisturizes as well as provides a barrier between your delicate skin and a Kleenex. This is a perfect place for our pure hand salve.

Hand salve for your nose may seem crazy, but it has the right combination of moisturizers to make your chapped skin feel better. Just make sure you use one that is unscented unless walking around smelling Vanilla Absolute all day is your thing. Jojoba oil and goat milk provide moisture that lasts through repeated nose blowing. The sunflower seed wax in our hand salve provides an all-natural barrier that locks in moisture and prevents chaffing. All you need to do is use a clean finger to dab a small amount of hand salve over all the chapped areas. Once your nose drinks in all those good-for-you ingredients, you’ll be Rudolph no more.

by Dr. Brent

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Celeste Kerlin

Love love love . I bought so much at Christmas time , I had to go back to Hsn and order for myself💕. I ordered your shampoo/ conditioner today ,. Can’t Wait!!! I’m a young 62 yr old and for some reason my hair is thinning only on my left side. My hair dresser has no clue . I sleep on that side??? What product do you have that will rejuvenate my hair?

I need to tell you that when I put on your fig butter lotion.,, my husband just loves it on me ❤️,. Thank you in PA

Dian Thompson

I use your goat milk soap every day . In the summer I use a special soap that repels mosquitoes, called Osana citronella and menthol leaf extract. I never get one mosquito bite. Can you make a goat milk soap with this in it? I want to use your soap every day.


Hi my name is Imelda and I was wondering if you have something that you can recommend to me for my son he has eczema and his skin is very sensitive and I believe in natural products so if you have something you can recommend I will appreciate a lot.


Husband was wondering if you’re going to create a “Pure” deodorant?

Janice Rabbia

In 2017, which was the worse year of my life ,but I ordered a special offer one night for myself to lift my spirits. The fragrance was Snow and Forrest which changed my mood and was a life saver. What scent do you have today that is close the Snow and Forest ?

Barbara McCown

I have a 7 yr old Cornish Rex Cat. It’s about bath time. Would Beekman1802 bar soaps, liquid soaps, shampoo and conditioner be ok for her? The Beekman1802 Vanilla Absolute face towettes work nicely for touch ups. Now it’s time for a real bath. She has no particular skin issues. Thanks!

Mark Titus

I love your soap and was wondering if you guys ever thought about adding a luffa type bag to cover your wonderful soap which with help remove dead skin and make it less like to slip out of our hands. I’m currently caring for my grandkids and a grandparent and a family member with ms. So those wonderful bars of soap are large and everyone is complaining about dropping the soap. So I thought I would ask for your opinion about adding these options. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s fun to drop the soap but not when you loved ones can’t pick them up because of age or disability.

Nathalie Faubert

I was wondering if you have a product for the face that would help with acne scars, or from picking at the scab. I would like to reduce the appearance of the scars. I have been using your shampoo bar and soap bar. Love them. Also starting using the whipped body cream and the hand salve. Love them ..

Maureen Fodor

Just received my sun screen van i use on my face love everything have eberything. Thank you

Vonda Mcmullian

I would like a discription of the individual bar soaps that I can read in one place. I have ordered several times for personal use & gifts when you are on HSN. However, their discription & use is so fast (understandably so) that I can’t write it down. Your presentations are informative & wonderfully entertaining. What do you recommend for men? I have only sent the unsented as gifts to my son. Something was said about skin breakouts & exfolating bars. Using up products I have on hand & then will be excited to order other items. You know it is easy to gift products to women friends . I can find something everyday for my girls. Ask any woman how hard it is to buy gifts for men. Love your face wipes. Sincerely !

Emmit Luther

Hello, Dr. Brent I would like to know what in your product line will help me with my dry skin both arms and feet I am type II diabetic. I also have very oily facial skin. I work on a small ranch. What would you suggest for facial care.

Sue DeVore

My home has hardwood floors and I wonder if your floor cleaner will be safe on them. Also, my husband has recently become sensitive to the sun which causes rash and itching (he’s seeing a doctor for this)… my question is this, is your laundry detergent gentle enough for him?

Mary-Ann Albright

I have just completed chemo and radiation. I used to have oily skin. Now I have chemo skin, I just had to get an IV the other day and the nurse said, wow your skin is tough and hard to pierce. After 5 tries and 3 nurses they finally found a vein. My skin is not too dry (not flaky) but it is dry compared to what I used to have with oily skin. I am looking for all natural products too. I would like to look like I am not “under the weather” so to speak. What do you recommend? Also my hair is starting to grow back. Any suggestions, also my nails are brittle. This chemo took quite a toll on this body and I am trying to get reacquainted with my skin. Yep that about covers it. Thanks.

Heidi Meka

Hi Mary-Ann, we have many Neighbors who are going through the same experience. We recommend using the pure line found here: for daily bathing and moisturizing. As for your hair try our shampoo bar with goats milk: and for your nails our cuticle serum will help to give you target moisturizing:
You can contact us here at Neighbor Services and we would love to help you put together a special package that will meet your specific needs! 888.801.1802 x1

Carolyn Simao

Can you make a chocolate flavor. One that smells like cocoa butter. I can not use your scented products but, this is a scent that I am okay with. I use mostly your Pure lip balm, hand cream, calendula soap, coconut, cow, goat soap and the original unscented goat soap. I love the conditioner. Use the light as air face cream but had to give the eye cream to my stepdaughter because the lemon scent is too powerful. I can not use tea tree oil and lavender so I miss out on those creams. Love the mugs. I improvise and use the hand cream all over my body and the lip balm on my cuticles and hands and body parts. Lip balm is better than the organic Hurraw lip balm which I used in chocolate and coffee. I am scent challanged so I improvise with your products. I love them. There is something in the unscented Pure body butter that gets to my nose. What a bummer. Please infuse this with chocolate scent so I can use it. Love watching you and Josh on HSN and QVC. Please make a dishwashing detergent for sink and dishwaser. I use your laundry detergent. Products like Seventh Generation and others are being corrupted by mega companies that buy them out. The hand balm smell forces me to use it on my piggies and heels away from my nose. The lip balm saved me from a horrible cold. I use it everywhere on my body. I do improvise to get around my problem nose. Thanks love you and Josh and pray for you.

Lorraine Carol Bokor

What do you recommend for the application for the soappointment in the shower

Janet Cameron

I have a question. Do you allow people to visit the farm outside of baby goat season? I have a friend with AML. I have been bringing her your products and telling her your stories. I don’t know if she will ever be well enough but she said she would love to go to your farm. I don’t want to get her excited about it if she can’t see it. I’m in RI and she lives in CT so it could be a day trip. Again – not sure she’ll ever be able to do it. she failed her first chemo. Just completed her second Hoping for remission so she can get a transplant. May never get there but it’s good for her to hope and plan things. We’re 68 so at the very upper limits of age for a transplant but if she wants to do this and gets well enough it would be great if we could. I was all set to try to arrange a “pat the baby goats” trip when she told us about her leukemia


I would love to try your soaps but I am wondering which one would be best for me. I suffer from psoriasis. Is there a special blend that would help.
I love your story and my mother loves the baby goats.
God bless you. I would appreciate your advice.

Deborah `

My little dogs paws are dry, al year. The Vet said to use an over the counter well known lotion, but I can’t use it – it all mineral oil and by products and then vaseline.

Remedy: there a paw protector like you hand protector used before gardening coming out? My pet now get her paws rubbed your lotion.


Oh yes! This would be amazing. My shetland sheepdog (farm herding breed) has the same problem with her paws!

Heidi Meka

Hi Dian! We definitely always recommend running everything past your doctor before using a new product. Have a great day, Neighbor!

Delia D-M

Thanks Dr B
This advice works in the AZ heat, too. Found my hair & skin dried out from my low fat diet. Vitamins and smaller servings of the “good” fats made all the difference.
Excited to try your new foot cream.


How can I mix the triple milk regime with the blaak night serum and cream? Is it ok to mix them?

Nancy McLeod

Anybody who is having a difficult time holding the large soap bars just cut them in half! That’s what I do, just use a regular kitchen knife. I feel I’m getting 2 bars instead of one. Put either one of them in 2 different places or put the unused half in a freezer baggie to use for later.


Hi, I have Severe Psoriasis. My Dr. told me not to get on bio- inhibitors. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I can’t get enough lotion on my skin.

Paula Litchfield

What bath soap or other products has a eucalyptus scent? Hoping you will make a soap with this scent. Thank you for your USA business!

Desiree Baeza

Hi there Dr. Brent.
I just wanted to say how lovely it was to speak to you on air on HSN last night.
I’m Desiree, the girl who had a goat when I was a kid. I loved that goat so much. My Nanny goat.
Thank you for offering all of your products. I have so many and ordered more last night and this
morning. I’m broke now lol. I’ll be looking forward to your other shows later tonight.
I love learning about the benefits of goat milk. My skin and now my hair are awesome.
Can’t wait for the hair conditioner to arrive this week. I have color treated hair, so I need
a tiny bit of conditioner, but I just love the shampoo bar, what a great amount of lather.
I also have lots of products from Happy Place. my laundry is spectacular now. Daughters love the difference.
Well, have a great day. Hope to hear back from you.

Warm Regards,

Nancy Nichols BSN, RN

Ha! Ha! I am a nursing professional, and I recently spoke with Josh and Brent on HSN, telling them I had used the hand salve on my nose when I had my last cold. I wanted to see if it would keep my nose from getting red and raw. The product truly is miraculous! My nose never had one uncomfortable moment, as is usual with colds.

I would encourage everyone to buy the “Hand Salve” and try it!!!!! Keep it on hand in your medicine cabinet. You will not be disappointed. You will find many other uses for the product, which the fellas teach us about on air.

Do not hesitate to get this product, unless of course, you think a red nose is fashionable.

Linda Williams

I bought the fabric freshener from HSN and cannot get the bottle top to close on to the container. There is an arrow on the top part, but nothing on the bottom part to line it up. Please give me some advice. Am upset because I was anxious to use it.


First and foremost, your products are game-changers. My ‘tough customer’ of a hubby even loves them. Trust me, when he tells me to keep spending, it’s a miracle..haha.
Here’s my issue…..dealing with menopause and all the “fun” that comes with that process has been interesting. The hormonal changes have been challenging and I feel are often dismissed by doctors. For skin issues and hair thinning/loss, the beauty industry and celebrities make a bundle on selling us products that just don’t work. I’ve been so happy with your goat milk soaps, face wipes and creams. Can you tell me the best process to follow with your hair products to help with ‘menopause’ hair? Like it is for many women, it’s embarrassing to discuss this with a hair salon and with others in general. However, I trust your knowledge in this area. Afterall, it’s part of the aging process! Even as we age, we still want to feel good about ourselves!


I love your soaps, however they are just to big for me to hold onto. I have ordered several sets of the travel size which work great. I know they are more expensive for you to make, but was wondering if you could offer them in a choice of fragrances? My husband told me he did not like smelling like oak moss! Thank you

Fannie Peoples

I love the soap the Beekman soap I need to know if you are going too do the goat milk body wash?

Stef Negroni

Advice for age spots??? I use the triple milk set daily. Do you make any products that would help with those???

Linda Mills-Lough

I am currently receiving chemotherapy as part of my breast cancer treatment. As a young woman afflicted with this disease I want to keep my skin looking good, but it is a dry scaly mess. And my head is super itchy, (maybe from the hair loss?). I love goats milk products, but have never seen the lather in anything I have purchased. If you could recommend some products to combat this I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Dian Thompson

I bought your bar shampoo at your store yesterday and it made my hair sticky. Why? I cannot use it again.


Using CuZn’s chlorine shower water filter made a big difference in the heath of my skin. We live in Brooklyn.

Mary Morrison

Thank-you for the great tips! I will definitely put them to use this season! I don’t drink tap water-I’ve heard how unhealthy it can be but I try to drink purified or battled water when I can. Oh, by the way-I gave one of your soaps to a friend of mine and she loves it!!! I’ll certainly give her more (I ordered a lot of your soaps, lotion and hair care) and I told her about your company. I think there is another new neighbor coming your way!!! Sincerely, Mary Morrison

Kathy Krochina

Hi..I would like to get some Light As Air face cream but it keeps saying sold out…is there something else you can recommend that is not too expensive? Thanks…I love you guys…I have seen you in person up here in Clifton Park and we had dinner and held our Book Club in the restaurant in Sharon Springs a couple of years ago. We read your book and were hoping we would catch sight of you. Good luck with everything…you are so cute and so much fun.

Ginger Brauner

Thank You Dr. Brent for sharing your knowledge with your Beekman neighbors. We all so appreciate your informative answers. It was a good day for this 77 yr. old lady when I first saw you Beekman Boys on a shopping channel a few years ago. Love how you are so proud of your home town and all your helpful neighbors and all the help you give back to promote the talents of your neighbors. Very kind hearted you both are. Never stop with your wonderful silly antics on air, Love it!!!

Doreen Weaton

Oh, I’m feeling so smart!
I’ve been using the salve on my nose ever since I got it. I tell people that I’m allergic to air, as I’m always blowing, so Rudolph has nothing on me.
I’m happy to smell Fig Leaf all day.