The first scene ever filmed for the Fabulous Beekman Boys involved us walking through the goat pasture.  As if PolkaSpot said to herself, “There’s a film crew in my barn.  This is my star-making chance!”, she decided to play dead.

And a star WAS born.

She’s gone on to have her picture in People magazine, thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, to ring the NASDAQ opening bell and her own comic book series.

So how could we say ‘no’ when she asked us to develop her own iPhone app?

Unfortunately for her, we knew nothing about developing iPhone apps, so she set about charming the pants off of one of our friends, Skip Haughay–a computer genius and employee at Apple.

Thanks to these two masterminds, PolkaSpot can now be a part of YOUR family pictures, YOUR vacation photos, and YOUR Facebook embarrassing moments.

Take a look at how the app was created:



To purchase the PolkaSpotted photo app, click here

To visit PolkaSpot’s personal website:

Our friend Skip passed away before completing the project, but by clicking the information button within the app, you’ll forever be able to see his picture.  We think he’d be really happy knowing how many smiles his work continues to create.  Read more about Skip by clicking here

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Follow PolkaSpot on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

by Josh and Brent

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My little great niece and nephew love PolkaSpot and I have to say I do as well. 🙂
We read the PolkaSpot comic book on the Nook very often. LOL SO SO cute!
Blessings to all……


I took a picture of my little nephew with the app. I showed him his picture. He was so anxious to see it. He looked at it, dropped his jaw and looked around quickly. It was priceless. You had to be there! Now how did that llama get in the livingroom?


I have to say this was on of my favorite episodes with Polkie teasing Josh and Brent. Really funny stuff.


I miss Skip so very much and I love love that this app came to pass. It’s so much fun! I have posed her with my dog and people think she’s actually in my living room.

Madolyn Rogas

You must consider publishing a yearly calendar featuring the animals, especially Polka Spot. It would sure be a winner. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get anything like this for 2013. Excellent website, love the show, keep making me smile.

Dr. Brent


After you take the photo, click on “share”, then the photo you want to share. A screen will pop up with choices such as Facebook, email, etc. One of the choices is to load onto


Holy baby goat poop!!! That is the best video I have seen in a while.
Having a bad day? Watch those babies jump, bump and bounce. Thank you so much for sharing!

Linda Schnell- Leonardi

Many wishes of Mazel to Polka Spot, in her career of Pretty Llama Extraordinaire, we are all better people and Llamas for having had Skip in our lives, albeit for a short while.


So sorry about Skip. He will be missed.
Gotta love that Polka Spot!! She is such a diva. Close up Mr. DeMille!