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NOTE:  This contest has concluded.  The three winner were chosen using a random number generator. The winners have been notified.

Thanks to everyone for sharing such amazing stories of lives in transformation.  For that we are ALL winners.


At Beekman 1802, we are always looking for inspiring people with inspiring ideas.  (And you know how much we love visionary entrepreneurs!)

We were so excited when Anthology, a magazine project launched by 2 friends in 2010, asked if we would be a part of their “Transformations” issue.

The issue now on newsstands includes 24 images of the inside of Beekman Farm and the Beekman 1802 Mercantile on Main Street in Sharon Springs, NY, shot by photographer Alec Hemmer

Anthology has shared a few of those images (check out a preview of the issue here)

To see photos from the shoot that didn’t make the final cut, go behind-the-scenes-by clicking here



You can browse through back issues of Anthology by clicking here



Three lucky people will win a one-year subscription to Anthology (including the issue featuring Beekman 1802). All you have to do is tell us about one of YOUR life transformations in the comments section below.  Winners will be chosen by random drawing on Feb 1


by Josh and Brent

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Getting a shelter dog to fill the lonely times and share love with. My new friend Draper.

Sara Noelle Boyd

A big life change for me was when my husband deployed to Iraq in 2009. Whenever I felt lonely or overwhelmed I taught myself to just keep things in perspective & hold my head up moving forward & giving my all. Being there for my husband & our son, cherishing every second we had together whether it was online or thru a phone call, you never know when it will be your last. I learned how to be a strong person emotionally, mentally & physically. A hard time but a time that I am very proud of. I have most certainly changed because of my experience:)


My most recent life transformation occurred when I relocated to the south to become a staff photographer in a stable position, only to find out that 5 months in a new world, I was all on my own again. Thankfully the people of the south are wonderful community, and the internet has made it so location isn’t as specific as it once was. I love my new home, and the changes I’ve witnessed in myself from the move.

Gale K

I finally followed my dream to become a teacher. While I enjoy being a nurse very much I always wanted to teach. At 56 I went back to school and earned a Masters in Nursing Education. Three days after graduation (12/2013) I was offered a full time tenured position as an assistant professor ! I am enjoying my new job and sometimes I can’t believe I DID IT!

Teresa Hughes

I am in the middle of my transformation RIGHT NOW! Last year I had an emergency thyroidectomy and my vocal chords were damaged. The tumor they removed showed I had lymphoma. After a year from hell (including chemotherapy that left me in a wheelchair) I am on the mend. PT has helped me walk again. Yesterday I finally had surgery to repair my voice. I can talk & SING again! As Louis Armstrong sings – What a Wonderful World!

Lori Stern

Have always been an animal lover and love gardening. At the age of 47 bought my old farmhouse built in 1860, with almost 10 acres and for the past 3 years have remodeled it and repaired the barns as needed for my chickens and goats by myself. My daughter moved back home with me to attend SUNY Cobleskill last year and helps out with it all too. This summer we want to raise meat chickens and acquire a doeling for milk . Interested in making our own soap and cheese as well. Hoping to put up all of our own food for the coming year from our animals and garden. I love my farm life and rarely go the the grocery store anymore. I am also looking into herbal medicine for our animals as well. Who knew an old farmhouse would awaken all this. If I only had 12 more hours in my day…..


My life changed after I had a spinal fusion for my Scoliosis. I’ve learned to make adaptions and still am able to do what I love.

Scott shepherd

Watching my dad die from cancer. It taught me about grace, humility, and gratitude taught me how fragile life really is.