This entry into “To & From” is a little different.  For starters,  instead of taking the train this week, I hitched a ride with some of our friends from the city who were spending the weekend with us.  For enders, there’s not really a “From” as I’m spending the whole week at the farm.  (the bonus is that I am going to do a mid-week update!)  My mother and grandmother are driving up from North Carolina later in the week, so, obviously, there’s lots of cleaning that needs to be done so that they can return home with the satisfaction that they “raised me right”.  I’m sure everyone understands that it would be entirely inappropriate to let mom see what my bathroom looks like on a regular basis and that I (sometimes) don’t make up my bed in the morning.

We love to have guests visit us at the farm.  However, there are some “guests” we wish would never return.

Cluster flies
Cluster flies

When we were buying the farm, the real estate agent did not tell us about the cluster flies, and I swear that everyone in the county has been sworn to secrecy not to reveal  information about their existence lest property values suffer.  Of course, once you have signed the mortgage, you learn that EVERYONE has these things in their house at the beginning of every fall.  This photo is just 24 hours after I swept the floor of this room.

Cluster flies have been known to cause me to go temporarily insane.

So before any guests enter the house, I send them out to say ‘hi’ to the goats so that I can run in and power up the Dirt Devil.

When we started this blog, we promised to show you all aspect of life on the farm, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Now that the bad and the ugly are out of the way for this week, it’s on to the good.

Fortunately, we had other winged creatures visiting us this weekend, Maren and Daisy.  We love to have children visit the farm.  These are city girl fashionistas through and through, but we hope that by seeing us appreciate the land that they’ll take some of that appreciation back to Manhattan with them and start a Baby Einstein revolution.

Harvesting pumpkins
Harvesting pumpkins
Harvesting pumpkins
Harvesting pumpkins

Maren helped harvest the pumpkins.  (Which one will we carve for Halloween?)


Daisy practices modeling for a Ralph Lauren photo shoot


Daisy and her mom resting after a morning hike in the fields.  Keeping fit is very important

Collecting the morning eggs
Collecting the morning eggs

Maren learned one of life’s valuable lessons while visiting the farm:  Never put all of your eggs in one basket. As careful as she was, less than half these eggs made it safely into the house.


Everything can be a playground on the farm.


After a long day of chores on the farm like nature trail treasure searches and hunting for fairies, a good night’s sleep is very important

And can you believe that there was no TV, video games or computers used all weekend? The kids entertained themselves just like the Beekman children did over 200 years ago.  The world outside the door and the one we can create in our own imagination is all the entertainment we need.

I’ll bet this is exactly how the Beekman family entertained themselves on a lazy Sunday afternoon in late summer.

If you have photos of your own little angels enjoying the world around them, please submit them so we can include them in the Readers’Share section of our website.

by Dr. Brent

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