For the final event of America’s Oldest, Largest Garden Party, we asked all of the party “guests” to submit the best recipes their gardens inspired.

There’s a lot of culinary talent out there!  Who are we to judge?!

We enlisted the help of Chez Panisse chef extraordinaire and celebrity gardener Alice Waters to help us choose the winner.

We don’t know how she did it, but she was able to whittle all of the submissions down to one.

And the winner is…

Susan Loube and her succulent Lamb Stew.

Alice said:

“I chose Susan Loube’s Lamb Stew.  Here at Chez Panisse, we do a similar dish in the café with braised lamb shoulders along with other Moroccan spices including toasted cardamom, cumin, and coriander.  I really enjoyed reading through all of these recipes–it was an honor to be the guest judge!”

See how we made Susan’s Lamb Stew at Beekman 1802


Check out all of the other recipes submitted by our talented readers.

by Josh and Brent

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Billy Stanley

My wifes father grew up on a farm in Richmondville NY. He was a German and Italian locavore when butchering pigs in your drive in basement garage in Westchester County NY was greeted with weird apprehension by his four daughters friends. Well I dropped a bottle of dandelion wine off with Garth at the American Hotel. Its my father -in-laws recipe and if you'd like to try some I could drop off a bottle in February for ya'll to try. In the spring if you'd like we could pick some dandelions if ya'll would like to try and make some. Its a fortified raisin wine more or less with beautiful floral overtones that ages well due to the added alchohol. I've had 25 year old bottles that maintained a luscious viscosity and floral flavors reminding you of early summer golden fields of dandelions that were spectacular. I've read about ya'll in the NY Times and Times Union and am impressed with everything ya'll are trying to do out there.

Congratulations and Carry On,

Billy Stanley 438-1380 if you have any questions

Dr. Brent

Hi, Billy

Of course we would love to try the wine. We have quite a bountiful crop of dandelions, perhaps you can share your secret recipe with us