July's Winning Tip
July's Winning Tip

The July gardeners were out in full-force with a bevy of great tips for keeping weeds out of the garden.

Lucky for us we didn’t have to judge.  We left that up to celebrity gardening judge, Jerry Baker.

Drum roll, please…

Tess submitted the following tip:

I shred EVERY paper item I can get my hands on! From cereal boxes to junk mail…it all goes through the shredder and into the garden. Believe it or not, layers of this works better than anything else I have ever tried at keeping weeds OUT of my garden! The plus plus side is I know that by re-cycling in this manner I am doing my share of being “Green” and that feels good!!

What Jerry said:
” The ideas submitted  for controlling weeds were all terrific, but I chose Tess’s for its earth-friendly approach. She’s a gardener whose thumb is really green.”

Congratulations, Tess!!

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by Dr. Brent

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