When life gives you a lotta carbs, you gotta burn a lotta calories!

This period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always packed with everything from leftover stuffing, to pies, to cookies, to potatoes….basically, if it’s beige, it’s going in our bellies. This also happens to be one of the slowest times of the year, chore-wise, on the farm. So we always keep our boots and jackets right by the door to make it easier to get outside and get our blood moving around a bit. The best days are when we have an early snow on the ground, cuz Önder loves nothing more than chasing snowballs. She gives us that extra little nudge in the butt to break away from our laptops and head outside to play.

Take a walk with us around the farm…we’ll show you some discoveries…


by Josh and Brent

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Marie Mello

Tried writing a wonderful heart felt comment but kept getting shoved off! Whatever, I have read both of your memoirs and love them. The last one has a signature written with a black sharpie that I can’t read and a date that seems to be 1/6. If you’re ever in the lower Alabama area, let me know. Love you both!!!

Neighbor Services

Hi, Neighbor! Sorry to hear you were experiencing troubles sharing your memories with us! We are so happy that you shared them here for us! Thank you for your longtime support and love! Happy day!

Susan Sturtevant

Oh how beautiful and serene the farm looks with all the snow. Wish I was there to enjoy your special winter wonderland. I enjoyed your reading of the Precious Little Snowflake, it’s a lovely book. Love all of your products and think you both are adorable! Your passion for your work shines brightly and I love that you’ve stated that part of your mission for the coming years is to put smiles on people’s faces. You do that and so much more. Happy Holidays to you both and to John, Onder, the goats and all living creatures at the farm.


I enjoyed the calming walk about the farm and the precious goats and Onder adventures. I grew up on a farm years ago and know the hard work and gifts from the land. I’m enjoying your many products each day. Watching your goats makes me smile.
Merry Christmas.

Lori Stromecky

What a beautiful place. Thank you so much for taking me with you for a winter walk.


You guys are just wonderful I have loved you since I saw your first tv show you make me smile thank you

Cynthia Lawrence

Thank you for taking me on your winter walk! It was truly breathtaking. I took a tour of the farm while at the Harvest Festival and it was an amazing experience. I met the great farmer John and the goats, and then you at the Mercantile. It was such a pleasant weekend. Peace and serenity to both of you.


It’s good to see you two. Miss your show. I happy for both of you and how your farm and lives have turned out. Both of you have a wonderful Christmas. And post pictures more often.


I grew up in the Hudson Valley and this really takes me back to my childhood when we spent so much time outside from the barn to the fields, cold overcast we didn’t care. As children we loved the snow and the cold. Hockey on the frozen pond, tobogganing down the hills. I loved the farm animals and the barn. Thanks for sharing this. 💕🐾

Samantha Craig

You could easily use the photo of Onder for your Christmas card. All three of my cat fur babies make there way in to my Christmas cards!!😘
Your did has so much personality.


So loved going on this winter walk of the farm with you ….thank you for sharing your Winter Wonderland ❄❄

Karen L McCarty

Nice article describing your life at Beekman. I personally do not like the cold but like to read about other people enjoying the cold and snow!!