If you ever drive by the farm between 6am – 8am, you’ll spot me in the vegetable garden sporting my morning finest: the tee shirt I slept in and my gardening shorts (which I have to tie together with twine since I lost the button.) Every morning from the first day that the snow melts, to the first hard freeze of winter, I’m out there. With my trusty Beekman mug of coffee. I’ll often forage for my breakfast out there. Sometimes it’s an ear of corn. Other times a fistful of raspberries. Or a cucumber. Or sweet peas. I even keep a pocketknife out there for when the melons begin ripening in early September.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and come take a walk around the garden with me. I’ll point some of my favorite things out in the captions…

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Emily P.

Oh, I love this post! Thank you for sharing — it had never occurred to me to succession plant carrots. A new thing on my list for 2017. Happy digging!

Sanders Coulter

Just discovered Beekman Lemon Honey, and am very much addicted. Loved the photos and words used to describe your lovely garden. Very inspirational.

Lee Landry

1 absolutely loved the online tour of your garden! I’ve been a gardener since I was 3 when my Swedish grandfather gave me a small plot on his property. I’m now 71 and garden everyday like yourself. Your photos were beautiful; I also am a photographer so I can appreciate them as well. I planned to visit sharon Springs this summer as my cousin lives in loudonvile, NY but I was unable to as my mother just died two mos short of her 97 bday in august. I learned some other things from tips in your narration of the photos. Hope that I can visit in the future. I love you guys and I used to watch you on the green planet channel. Love your dog, cat and goats also!

JoAnn Peeples

I do not understand why, when I receive an email from you, and I click on any of the topics, a pop-up comes up that required me to enter my email address and if I do not, I can’t go anywhere. You clearly already have my email address or I would NOT have received YOUR email. This is very frustrating.


Thanks so much for the tour! Such a comfort and an inspiration to me! Love you guys!

Linda Turner

Love it! I love my garden in the morning…nothing like fresh peas or a cherry tomato first thing! Does Onder like veggies? My daughters new puppy tries everything-she loves peas, lettuce, tomatoes, violas and even tried the nasturtiums (not a favorite-too peppery I suspect…) Early morning is great-much cooler, and the birds are waking up noisily. No traffic noise here on my little back road-I am so lucky to be where I am! And you where you are! Life can be good when you notice….

molly walsh

Hi neighbors, that tour with you made my day. You two are so special to me, and my neighbor is an organic farmer, also, so I will send this to him. Your photography is exceptional, as is Onder, and the farm. I also wanted to tell you how wonderful the 2 cheese’s were. All the best to EVERYONE!

Judy Stalls

You are the best! Beautiful photos and you are a good writer also. You should write a book.
These photos are captivating lets me feel like I was there. My favorite flowers are zinnias.
Thanks for sharing these photos. I look forward to more in the future.

Karin Thomas

I loved the tour of your beautiful garden. Our land is mostly vertical and shaded, so there really is no good place for a garden here. So, I will enjoy yours!

William K.

How fortunate you are to have irrigation. Are you growing salsify? Thanks for sharing these pictures. Always makes for a pleasant diversion at work!!!

Crystal Beckner

Josh, How Lovely! Before the hustle and bustle of my current job, I too would tend to the garden in the early morning hours–although mine never looked that beautiful. I had foot surgery this past May, so I had to stay off my feet and not garden this year. Your pictures brought joy to my heart.


Beautiful garden Josh. Was on last years end of summer tour and met your parents. Your Mom was in the garden and your Dad a greeter. Very sweet parents.The garden looked just as bountiful as it does this year. Thanks for the wonderful picture tour. It was great and will have to do for this year.

Grace Allidi

Thank you so much for sharing what a garden should look like. What a great success. I enjoyed this very much.


Beautiful pics, Josh! I grow Jaune Gros De Paris Pumpkin that are really big and also great for eating. We make curry soup with them all fall long.


Absolutely beautiful!! Zinnias are my favorite. There are so many different colors, sizes, and varieties!

Cynthia Loeffler

Josh, thank you for sharing your bountiful garden with us. Gorgeous! …and you can never have too many zinnia pics!

Linda Ogden

I just toured your garden with Josh’s pictures and it is absolutely wonderful….and beautiful! I live in Southern California….and right now we are in a drought situation and have been for quite some time…..so just being able to view your lovely garden has made my day! We are having quite a time just keeping our flowers alive and well. Thank you so much for sharing! (Some day I hope to visit your farm and Sharon Springs! I am a fan!)

Beth K

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the idea for helping celery grow straight and “lacy arugula” cracked me up. Lots of good ideas here. Thanks!