We clean up nicely. (When we do.) And for occasions that call for us to polish our muck boots, we often choose bow ties to match.

Designer Chris Wrobleski gives us step-by-step instructions on how to make your own beautiful bows. It’s easier than you think. Use these always-tied bows as bow ties, or use the same steps to make a hair ribbon or necklace.

Here’s what you’ll need
Fabric (a fat quarter is plenty)–you can use old shirts, old ties, etc
Bow Tie Clip
Sewing needle and pins
1 yard of Ribbon (if making hair bow)
Pen or pencil for tracing



Chris named his company Boutaugh after his grandfather, who first inspired his love of the dapper.

Visit his website to learn more about his custom designs.



by Josh and Brent

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One of my little preschool girls likes to wear her brother’s ties to school. I get the biggest kick out of her when she does! This just reminded me of this dear little one!!!

Jim Michalowski

I was SO disappointed! I never thought you would show us how to make a “clip-on!” Let’s show us how to make a real “tie your own bow tie” not these cheap imposters!


These bow ties are so beautiful. I think you wore one on Rachael Ray. If Farmer John will let you please put some bow ties on the goats when Rachael Ray comes to visit again. That would be so cute.

Suzanne Koba

Like your idea of using this to make a bow for my granddaughters hair. Will glue it on a headband.