A Year in the Country 12 bar gift set
A Year in the Country 12 bar gift set

When we first started making our BEEKMAN 1802 Original Goat Milk Soap, the idea was to create a “Soap for Sensitive People”.  Made with our pure goat milk, the soaps contained no scented oils.  But it wasn’t long  (about two weeks, really) before people started asking for scented Beekman 1802 soaps.  What to do?

We knew that we didn’t want to use any synthetic fragrances, and we didn’t just want to use the common essential oils.  Our company is devoted to seasonal living, and we have so many people who, through our website, share the seasons at The Beekman Farm right along with us.  We thought, “Why shouldn’t the soaps provide that same experience?”

It took us an entire year, but we’ve documented what was in bloom or in use on the farm during each of the 12 months and custom-blended pure essential oils to recreate each one.

We call this 12 bar gift set “A Year in the Country“.  Who wouldn’t want to receive that?

The Twelve Months
by Dr. Brent

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I have to tell you…I so love your soaps. I recieved some as a gift (I bought them for myself as a gift from my hubby for Christmas :)) And I truely love them. I have horribly dry skin and the winter just makes it worse. But I have been using your soaps and realized I really dont need lotion anymore. The difference is amazing! And the fragrance isnt overwhelming which my husband loves because he is very sensitive to odors. So Thank you so very much!!

Abby Lynn Block

Dr. Brent,

I just can't begin to express how much your soap means to me. As a person with skin that is so fragile and does not tolerate

soap and fragrance well your soap is a blessing!. I love that it is so rich and foamy I can even use it to shave my legs!

Abby Lynn Block


Love you're show. I look forward to it everyweek. I do real estate for a living, but crafts, like woodworking, soap making, painting, quilting, etc. Are my true passion. Watching you'r show reminded me of what it is to have a true passion for what you do in life, instead of just having a job. Refreshing to have a reality show that isn't full of people being rude idiots. The worlds a rough place and this just reaffirms that there are decent hard working people out there who just want to enjoy life and make other peoples life better also. GREAT SHOW!


Hi, Brent! LOVE your(and Josh's!) show.

just thought i would share my story of your 'year in the country soaps'-

i work for anthropologie, and discovered your soaps last year in our store. i really loved them, though i just couldn't bring my self to indulge in such an extravagance. i have three daughters(19, 21, 22)who share my same appreciation and attraction to lovely wonderful things!!

for christmas last year, i finally purchased the set, and we evoked a time-honored tradition of sharing. Each person took a turn picking one of the soaps until we each had 3!!! it was so very fun and meaningful….and the sentiment continues every time i indulge in using my lovely soap!!!

now, watching your show, adds even another layer of pleasure to the whole experience!

many well wishes of happiness and success to you and Josh.


Dr. Brent

Thanks for your story. We love working with Anthropologie. Such a great store. The two "Wendy's" are even involved in our heirloom vegetable auction this fall. Very supportive


hi dr. brent,

do you forsee adding herbal teas, infusions, etc. to your line of products? another question i have is: what do you do with the goat whey? do you also incorporate it into your products? i love your show, & admire the way you & josh complement each other. i'm a beek addict.

ellen in greensboro nc

Connie Wedding

These are the perfect gifts to give EVERYONE! You guys go to so much trouble for your customers to provide the best and purest soaps. These are a great deal, and they are QUALITY soaps, and now we won't have to wrack our brains trying to come up with gift ideas!! Christmas and birthdays are going to be a whole lot easier!


You guys are awesome! Saw your show for the first time over the weekend. Love the farm! Brent don't push hubby so much 🙂 do your thing. Who cares if you want to wash the pigs down! Peace,love and much success to you both in everything you do.


I thought I read that you created the soap for a x mas gift for Martha and the soap had to be fragrance free bc she "hated" scent?

BTW loving the show and the books, so fun.


I think your show is great! It's a bright spot in my week. Looking forward to trying the Blaak goat cheese. I'm sure it will be 'perfect', Brent. Tell Farmer John I hope the goats are doing well!

Fran Purdham

Hello everybody

Found the show by accident. Just love it.

Love Polka Spot. We have a alpaca farm in

Port Orange, Fla. We have 4 guard lamas also.

Watching the activity at the farm, is like watching our farm also. Wish your shows were longer.


ok…two guys move to a farm, milk goats, make cheese and one of them is named Brent? Same thing happened to me. In Italy, 20 years milking goats,cheesing, my name is Brent. Uncanny. Great site

Beatrice Stockham-Ty

Found you by accident. The farm is perfection in a world gone mad. Love it!