asparagus tree white

Beekman 1802 was founded on the ideas of making the most of each season and finding creative inspiration in the world that lies right outside our back door.

Of course, Christmas is one of those seasons that just begs to be made the most of

Each year we try to think of some new ideas for Christmas that we’ve never seen before, this year one of our Christmas tree ideas in the Mercantile was actually inspired by the end-of-summer heirloom vegetable garden.

Created from an asparagus fern (what an asparagus finger grows into if you let it go to seed), this “tree” stands about 5 feet talk and is gorgeously wispy with a scattering of bright red berries. To display it we positioned it into an antique wooden vice given to us by our B. 1802 blacksmith, Michael McCarthy.



by Josh and Brent

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